Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Progress Report... Simplicity 1918 Amazing Fit Pants

Well I have block fused the facings... Yes, I know I should have fused the front pieces but as these are a test run, I didn't worry. I have always done it this way...put the interfacing on the ironing board, place the facings on the interfacing, put a piece of newspaper over the whole lot and iron it on. I just make sure it's grabbed, then I peel the newspaper off and cut around the facings. This works best for me and gives a really accurate fit. Earlier in my sewing life when I cut the interfacing separately, I found it didn't always fit right (not that it makes much difference due to seam allowances, but it's messy). This is much quicker and easy.

This is my fly zip. It's been a while since I've done one and I just used their instructions. They were ok but I haven't checked any of the tutorials that others rave about. Personally I don't find them that challenging... but getting clear instructions is the key. These were not perfectly clear but passable. I have to say the pants have been drafted very well. Everything fits very accurately which is nice.

This is the flaw I mentioned. It's a printing flaw and looks like the fabric was creased when it was printed. I showed someone last night who doesn't sew and she didn't notice. At a distance it is less noticeable. 

This is the fit of the straight 14 curvy fit. Not bad really. I know there are some folds under the bum but they fit better than RTW pants so I'm not bothered for this pair. However, I will try to read up how to eliminate these or make them less noticeable. The side seams are pinned at 1cm seam allowance in these photos. 

I was a bit worried that they would sit high on the waist but they fit exactly where I would like them. They also fit around my waist at the back with no gape, which is a first. This is my first curved waistband and I see why people seek them out. Overall, so far, a great fit and I'm happy with them. (Funny what you notice when you take photos of your bum.. I notice that my right side is a smudge bigger!)That's not to say I won't try to fix them a bit better (but I bet I won't! not for casual pants anyway). Any thoughts or advice?


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    1. Thanks Judy, I am having fun having time to sew.

  2. I love the fabric you chose for your pants! And your pants looks great! I think you are right on track with the fit...I find that RTW doesn't fit amazingly on my body, either, and I probably could get a better fit by sewing my own pants. In fact, it is one of the reasons I want to sew pants this year. I am glad your pants look so great, I have this same pattern in my stash!

    1. Thanks Vanessa, I think it is worth using this pattern. I have just washed some black stretch fabric (a good quality drill?) that's heavier than this one. I don't know how it would go with fabric that wasn't stretch for me, though. I will try with non stretch but after the stretch one. I think pants are easy to sew and I don't obsess about wrinkles etc too much probably because they fit so poorly in ready to wear. Good luck, I'll be watching out for your pants!


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