Sunday, January 5, 2014

What's next?

This Vogue Basic Design is in the line up. I bought it from an Op Shop years ago for $1. I think it's View B with the little funnel neckline. It is supposed to be cut in two pieces (you can see the seam in the cow print top on the envelope). I didn't want to do that - I was just making a test garment to see if this simple pattern was a good basic for me. I cut it on the fold out of a dress my sister found at the Op Shop but it is very synthetic (kind of lycra like) so it is definitely just for winter (unless I use it as a swim rashie!)

This was in the winter and despite it being just 2 pieces, it is still not done! Why? My overlocker was threaded in white. I fear the black overlocking thread - it always plays up (funnily the overlocker tune up guy told me black always poses a problem - anyone else been told that or have the same problem?)Actually today it chewed up a piece of the fly of the trousers I'm working on. 
The black is the skirt part and the green was a 'boob tube' type top/bodice

 Which brings me to Simplicity 1918 Amazing Fit . I cut these out a few months ago too and they've been shoved around on the ironing board and the lounge suite since then. Deluding myself I'd get to them sooner. 

I'm making them out of this fabric which is a remnant piece from the fabric sale of 2013. I saw after it has a print flaw but because it is a random blob pattern maybe people who don't know won't notice it. (You would notice!)It's a stretch cotton sateen; not a very heavy weight though so I thought it would be good to try out these pants. Anyway the overlocker chewed up the fly add on piece a bit but I salvaged it (but only after I stabbed myself in my palm with the thread cutter!) Hopefully I'll have these finished in a couple of days. I have some clearing out to do and it has been WAAAAYYYY too hot to be doing anything inside but stay hydrated here in Brisbane these last couple of days.


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  2. I totally thought I had replied the other day, but must not have put the code in.

    It is weird about the black thread. Mine seems to work fine in the overlocker but in my coverstitch, it can skip stitches, refuse to sew etc. I have just sewn with both machines in black so maybe you will have good luck with your machine too.


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