Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kwik Sew K4026 and McCalls M6359

Do you ever plan to sew something, prepare and cut out and then just completely ignore that and do something else entirely? That is what happened with Kwik Sew K4026. I had cut out the slip for my Style Arc Alisha Dress muslin and needed thread so I went to Spotlight (where I don't buy thread - I buy it at Trad's Emporium at Cannon Hill) and bought a Kwik Sew Pattern and some sewing needles. If you didn't know they have (had?) the patterns on sale for $3 and the Schmetz needles as a 2 for 1 deal.

I made this out of some $2 per metre knit I bought at East Coast Fabrics. I just made the top to see the fit. I didn't adjust the cowl well I see, sorry, but it does sit better than appears in the photo. The skirt part would need to be lined (I'm wearing a hot pink bra under there but with a flesh coloured bra it would be fine) and I didn't want to go to that trouble if the top wasn't good. As it happens the top is ok. I cut a size small but I think I could do the XS at the shoulders and above bust and there is a 3cm wedge I need to take out of the neckline and now I also think that I need to take a couple of cm at least between the shoulders and upper bust (armholes are too big). Not sure how to do that on a cowl neckline - sure there'll be something on the net. This is the only cowl neck pattern I have (I have about 4) that is cut on the fold. All the others I have are cut in one whole piece. Using the stripes

 I made sure that it was on grain and the stripes match up. I also put a 3cm band on the bottom and one of my sisters may want this top as it is a bit big for me but has potential.

Before making the Kwik Sew pattern I made McCalls M6359 view C.

I made it from some scraps from a top I made for my friend (a cowl neck top on the bias) and a remnant from The Fabric Store in Auckland last September. It was just this length so just enough for my short frame. I had to take out about 3 cm from the front shoulder seam as it was just too long (that is my tiny and short part) but now it fits really well. It has darts on the view and that helps for my large bust but I think that it would be very roomy for slimmer people. 

Hmmm... sorry, same pink bra. Not sure this is a good look with that excess skin. Obviously I didn't do a sway back adjustment but this is only a house top as I don't really like blue (it's a nice blue and not so purple as it looks on my monitor but not my colour). I plan to make view A from some lovely cotton voile (?) I bought at the fabric sale last year. Anyone tried either of these patterns?

I did get the thread for the slip and I will try and make that up today and finish an Ottobre top started ages ago. Did twin stitch the edges yesterday on the armholes, neckline and hem but the the pleating at the side seams don't seem to match up so I need to look with fresh eyes today. I also got the latest Ottobre in the mail yesterday and it has some nice basics but nothing new so I'm thinking about cancelling that subscription although it's only about $24 for two issues and I do look forward to it. 


  1. $3 for Kwiksew is a great deal! These look like patterns you will use over and over.

  2. I want to make this K4026 with sleeves and would like to use stripey fabric, not sure how the stripes on the arms would work with the rest of the fabric! Sizing seems a tad large then yes?


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