Friday, March 14, 2014

Style Arc, stash busting and Melbourne.

I made the Style Arc Kerry Cargo Pants this afternoon. I cut them out and then I called back Telstra to fix my Dad's Foxtel account. In the time it took me to sort the problem out, I had nearly finished them by the time I spoke to the tele sales person... notice I didn't say by the time I fixed the problem!

Can you see the phone.. it was 32 minutes by then but I had about another 20 minutes left to do. These are quick and easy.  I didn't look at the instructions at all. I nearly didn't make the side cargo pockets as I was making these just to see the sizing. When I made the McCalls jumpsuit (not finished, not blogged yet), it didn't fit around the bum and I checked the pattern pieces against the Style Arc one and they were very similar - so i added 1cm to the side seam and they fit fine - glad I added it though! No pictures on yet. These are a wearable muslin made from my stash. This fabric is some from my Mum's stash that she gave me years ago. I made them to just below my knee as that is all the fabric I had but I like them. I think this fabric is a cotton/linen - it is pretty fine.
The pockets worked out perfectly. This is a super easy pattern that fits well and can be used for a number of things-PJ's with elastic or track pants.

Now... I'm going to Melbourne tomorrow!! I'm going to see my niece - I was going next Monday for a couple of days but then my friend wanted to come along so I changed flights so I could spend the weekend with her and then the next two days with my niece. I DON'T NEED FABRIC! but I am still going to some fabric shops.. I do need some striped knit... if anyone wants to meet up let me know when you could and I will fit it in. The bonus is that we are staying in a friend's apartment in Richmond and The Australian Grand Prix is on... how did I miss this? I only realised last night so we are going to the race track on Saturday afternoon to see Megan Washington and then Bernard Fanning play, then off to see Empire the show my niece is stage manager for! Busy!


  1. You're going two weeks too early! LOL I'll be there in two weeks, and we're organizing a meetup for the 5th of April - you should come back then! :)

  2. Oh dayem! Missed by that much! You never know though!

  3. Pants look great! Enjoy Melbourne ... I am green with envy ... J

  4. Your pants look terrific! I hope you have a wonderful time in Melbourne :)


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