Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ottobre - Autumn/Winter 2014

The new Ottobre is out. It's a really great issue. I haven't made too many things (a few not yet blogged) from my magazines but I will from this one I think. I really like a lot of the patterns this time. (I think that darker red on the cover is from shadows as it isn't on the actual cover).

The pattern sheet at a glance.

Love the dress on the right with those great pockets - looks much better than the solid colour one. I see this in scuba knit (but will Spotlight have any left?).

I really like the zip up sweat shirt and perfect for some wool stuff I have in two colours, one just a remnant and not enough for anything even simple (believe me I have tried so many different  styles and I just don't have enough fabric so mixing the two colours will be perfect).

I like this top (above) too. Hope if I make it, I don't look quite so frumpy though.

I like the shape of the blue dress (above) but don't know if I can pull this off.. Also like the top in the below photo, but again don't know if I can pull off the swing part of it. I love peasant blouses though and find them pretty flattering on a larger bust.

Their pattern sheet isn't one to be afraid of (unlike Burda's of which I have many aborted attempts at tracing just because I can't see the lines). The lines are clear, coloured and not over crowded - much more eye friendly.

I'm guessing if I do get around to making anything it will be used for about 2 weeks as today is 25 deg celsius and tomorrow is going to be 26, but it still is cool in the morning and afternoon.
What do you think? Anything take your fancy here? 


  1. I like this Ottobre Woman's issue as well!! There are a lot of great of designs!

  2. Lots of great choices ~ if only we could win Lotto and spend allllllll day sewing ... J


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