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Vogue 8774 jeans finished.... well, just about.

This is how the jeans are at the moment. They just need to be hemmed, the belt loops sewn on and a button or stud on the waistband.  They look really good; a lovely shape. I used a lovely polka dot waistband lining that was once part of a dress I bought 2nd hand (a Laura Ashley - the cotton is lovely and soft - I changed the dress from a dirndl style skirt with a point in the front to a boxed pleated skirt a couple of years ago but kept the scraps a it was so lovely).

All the photos are shocking... sorry, I couldn't get them any better. I took lots more... believe it or not these are the better ones! The zip isn't perfect but not as bad as it looks on the above photo. You can see on two photos that I snipped some inside threads and but it unravelled the sewing so I have to fix that up too.

Pockets don't look too bad (but the thread is definitely not grey as it looks above). Topstitching is OK but not perfect, good practice though. Big question is why isn't there a photo of me wearing them.... well because they don't fit. Not even close. I overlaid the Vogue pattern on the Simplicity Amazing Fit pattern (that fits me well) and the size 14 Vogue is like a 10 in the Simplicity (I made the 14 in the Simplicity). To get the same size on the Vogue, I have to make the size 18!!!! What!! I did measure the tissue against some jeans that fit well but loose and comfy and they were so close so I can't understand why there is such a difference. Oh well.

I've cut out a Simplicity from an aqua and white (vintage) houndstooth that I love but I can't find the instructions for it so will forge on with the fly instructions from somewhere else. I didn't really like the Vogue ones so will investigate some others. That's the only tricky part of those pants. I narrowed the legs to the width of the Vogue as they are a bit wide down the bottom. Before I start these, though I finished another Vogue 9080 sweatshirt; with the hood this time, and I am finishing some knit pants, a pair of boys pants (both need black elastic I will buy tomorrow) and a girls peasant blouse. Oh and a bought a great prop at the second hand shop for $10 on Friday but you'll have to see what it is at the next post.  


  1. I was devastated when I read that these don't I can imagine that you are devastated also. The colour is so gorgeous and the pocket detail very cute.

    1. Thank you. I am but just a bit. Good incentive I guess. I will make the larger size in the denim soon.

  2. I am so sorry that these beautiful jeans didn't fit.. That is so frustrating..Sounds like you have got some great projects on the sewing table right now..Look forward to seeing them... Happy sewing.

  3. Ahhhh! I am in the process of making a pair of jeans right now, and I soooo sympathize that they do not fit. The fabric is just beautiful! I hope your next pair fit well.

  4. How could they not fit! Such a shame as they look great and would have been very warm in our current windy weather. Love the colour by the way ... J

  5. That is so annoying about the jeans not fitting. I really like them - the colour is great.

  6. The colour is great and you did a fantastic job on the top stitching. Shame about the fit - sewing pants can be so frustrating!

  7. How frustrating when sewing plans don't work out! It's also annoying how varied the sizes are between those pattern companies.


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