Sunday, August 31, 2014

T-shirt - Burda 151 03/2013

I made a t-shirt for my son. It's from Burdastyle 3/2013. I meant to photograph the pattern line drawing but I forgot. I am testing out the pattern for some merino ones I want to make for when my son goes to the U.K. for Christmas holidays. I wanted to check the size.

The sleeve with the label on it. This went together in about 30 min and I'd say it's a 1 hour job to trace, cut and sew. Easier than shopping. My son has a favourite t-shirt that is raglan sleeved (white with black sleeves) that he loves so I promised I'd copy it. He only likes plain t-shirts with no prints on them and really they are quite hard to find. The fabrics are from East Coast Fabrics.

I've just finished the edges with a three thread overlock and if my son wants me to hem it I will but I like the look of just the overlock and I like the curved hemline too.

I also made a lumpy pillow out of one of his t-shirts that he loves (ha, one with a print) but got too small. He loves it but it doesn't look quite so lumpy in real life. I just stuffed it with the insides of  an old pillow I had just replaced. I'm making some togs (swimmers for him at the moment too - boy he's getting a lot of stuff at the moment - back to me I think!)


  1. That is such a cute Raglan sleeved shirt! I love where you placed the label!

  2. Very nice tee.. I like the serged hem too.. and that pillow is super cute.

  3. Great T- Shirt. love the label.
    I honestly never thought of making a t-shirt. You've inspired me to step away from the wovens and start to embrace the knits...


    Miss J

    1. I'm so glad to have inspired someone! Really it is so easy and although I've had my overlocker for 25 years it's only the last few years I've sewn knits. And sewing for kids is so forgiving for practice.

  4. Nice top and very cute pillow.

  5. Great Tshirt ~ like all kids I am sure your lovely son just keeps growing and growing and needs heaps of new clothes. And now that the warmer weather has hit us this T will be top favourite ... J

  6. Last time I was at East Coast Fabrics I thought they had a pretty good range of knits - perfect for boys T shirts. I still haven't made a raglan T for mine but it's definitely on the To Do List. I love green on boys too!


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