Monday, August 4, 2014

Vogue 8774 Jeans

Well I've started some jeans. Vogue 8774 of which there are a lot made up in blog land. I'm making them up in some vintage maroon corduroy that I found at a church thrift shop a few weeks ago. I have some nice summer weight denim I bought at Lincraft last year (or the year before?) but I just want to check the sizing with this wearable (hopefully) muslin. (Summer weight denim is probably heavy enough for most winter days here and probably ok for spring too but too hot in summer... I don't wear jeans in summer).

I checked the sizing against some new Esprit jeans I found at the secondhand shop for $10 a few months ago. Seems like they are straight size 14 - pretty close by tissue check anyway. I feel so '70's sewing these up. I remember making a skirt out of the very same fabric in the early '80's. Someone had made pants of some sort from this as this is made from the remnants  - long pieces along the selvage with obvious crotch seams. I had just enough to cut all the pieces out put the waistband I will have to piece with 2 pieces but that's easy enough.

This is where I am up to. I've basted the zip (on one side only so far) in but reading reviews last night, most people point out that Vogue have you put the fly on the opposite side to where most (all?) RTW jeans have them. I believe this is the 'women's side' but most RTW have them on the 'men's side' which is the universal side I'd imagine. This is probably for ease of production thereby reducing costs. So I'm not going to bother changing it on this pair... but I'll see if it annoys me enough to bother for the denim pair!

I went free hand with the back pockets and random too. I'm pretty pleased how these turned out. I just picked a fancy stitch on the machine and went for it. The pockets are a little out of shape because that was as wide as I could get on the scraps after cutting out the main pieces.  I see on the photos it looks like contrast thread but it isn't. I am top stitching etc but not with contrast thread. I didn't want to bother setting up another machine for this pair but will for the denim. I've already bought the thread from Trad's last week.

I'll just leave you with the photo of the Mandy Boat Tee. Sorry about the silly face and the big fold in the front of the top. It has a lovely sheen to it and it comfy to wear but it will only be used for school pick ups and drop offs as the hem is still a bit wavy and I feel it is too wide. I've made another one folding about 4cm from the centre front but DOH that makes 8cm so it made the neck a bit tight even for my pin head, and the sleeves sit up higher and therefore are a bit tight. I think however if I fold out only 2 cm and redraft the neckline (to keep the boat neck look) it will look and feel much better on. Don't like the look on the front of those white jeans.... you know what it is... I'm not going to write it but it's been noted for when/if I wear them again!


  1. It's always handy to have garments for the school run that you just throw on. My not quite as good as I want them garments end up being used for chores as well :)

    1. That's true, we still need every day clothes and I have so much fabric may as well make them too!

  2. Ooooh! Corduroy red pants! I love how they look already!


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