Saturday, October 25, 2014

*New* machine

I picked up this Elna from Freecycle a couple of weeks ago. They said it wasn't working and good for parts. I don't have an "Elna" but a rebranded Elna (Elina 40) and thought maybe it would be ok for some bits for it but it isn't the same machine or even close. When I picked it up it had no cover, no power cord and was filthy. It looked like they over oiled it (like with litres of oil) and it glugged up the insides. I didn't test if it worked but figured it as it was stiff and badly cared for, I could learn something. I pulled it all apart and cleaned it up.

I cleaned it up with a brush (above) and some metholated spirits. I found some of that invisible, nylon thread caught up around something and figured that's what lead the owners to oil it to death.

It was really glugged up all over. I pulled all the cases off and really cleaned her up. I had to get a bobbin case (it's the old side entry bobbin case) and used my very first Janome electric cord which fit. It purred and felt very 'solid'. Unfortunately, some of the stitches don't work properly so it will need a service.

The 'after'... very clean and sparkly and works if I need it. 

And I needed it. I have 6 machines and not one is working properly. One is my very first machine which I though worked but when I got it out, the stitching dial is out - I haven't used it for a long time but don't remember it not being right. I have my usual machine (about 4 years old) but I hit a pin when sewing the swim shorts for my niece and maybe it has thrown the timing out as it isn't running well... maybe it's the thread. (I use good quality thread but this particular reel is leaving a lot of fluff - I haven't had this before so maybe it's a bad one?) That's why there hasn't been any sewing but lots of cursing here. I have tried!

I went past a sewing shop last week and saw a lovely Pfaff. I am wondering if I should try and trade in my old machines (except my two Singers - both really old) and get a new machine and just have two everyday ones. Or maybe I should get the electric Singer and my daily machine both serviced and not bother with another machine.. much better for the space problem! I'll think about that next week. 

I'm exhausted after this week... we had a garage sale as part of the Garage Sale Trail and cleared out, cleaned and dusted everything under the house - even vacuuming under there as it was so dusty. Although, financially the garage sale was a little less than we would have liked, the huge plus is I have chucked the rubbish, cleared the space and I shall now donate to free cycle and some favourite charities. I'm resting up tonight and then attempt to trace a Burda pattern that I've tried to trace before but gave up as it was so hard to see the lines. Brisbane is having it's own Frocktails in November - very kindly arranged by Rosi Button and a new dress must (needs) to be made.  Hope the machines cooperate!


  1. Oh, I hope you figure out a good solution soon. I have never had my machine serviced, not once. It is a Janome (similar to the Heart Truth) but really a Kenmore. I really should take it in next year. I am guessing that helps? Anyhow, I hope the Burda pattern works out for you, and your dress too!

  2. Well done on cleaning the machine up. It looked filthy to begin with. Although, at least having a heap of oil on the machine probably helped preserve the innards of the machine.
    Well done with your clean out for the garage sale. It's feels so freeing doing a clean out, almost like you feel lighter or something. Good luck with the Burda pattern.


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