Saturday, October 10, 2015

Catching up.

The Brisbane Festival was on during the school holidays and my niece had a busy technical role there. This meant busy days and nights (till about 3am!) for about three weeks while the public was there and many weeks pre and a few post. The upside for us was we got to see two free shows and we chose three shows to see as well.

If you ever see that The Listies are in town, you must go see them. They were HILARIOUS..

Gratuitous Thai green chicken curry - I'm seriously addicted. That was the third one in two weeks. Of course they always work out a bit different due to the veggies I use but either way it's always great.
You can see sewing is never far away, with a pattern piece on the stove top!

There has been sewing but I think I need to make two posts so I'll start with the stuff I made for my son. The last thing I made him were some sleep boxers from this one piece pattern. It's sized for men, teens and boys and he's moved into the teens size. One pattern piece makes it super quick and easy - it even has an opening fly, with elastic all around. The fabric is some cotton I bought years ago at Spotlight - pure cotton with red light bulbs and "I've got a big idea" printed on.  Hmmmm as I write that sentence, I just get some boxer innuendo.... unintended! When I bought that fabric it was for kindy sheet sets I was making and selling and there was (and still is) such limited fabrics for boys (teen boys even less) I thought it was suitable.... not really thinking about using it for boxers... anyway the pattern was op shop bought and it  has no instructions but really it's such a simple pattern you don't need them and these were whipped up in 30 minutes including cutting out.

Here's the boxers and three pairs of shorts I made also. The shorts bottom left are some I made a while ago but were way too big and now they would have fit but for the way too long elastic I had put in so that was sorted and now they can be used. I can't remember what pattern that was but I like those pockets (like jeans). The other two pairs I used a Burda board shorts pattern leaving off the fancy board shorts fly and just added pockets. I bought the black and white fabric from East Coast fabrics and it's a cotton blend. The other fabric  is part of the Star Wars fabrics I bought last year. There is another Star Wars shorts that are at my son's Dad's place at the moment. I made a pocket pattern piece and cut pockets and lined them just placing them on the front. I also added a back pocket to each too.

 I'll leave you with a photo of my son on some 3D chalk art that was drawn on the walkways at Southbank during the Brisbane Festival. There were 2 others but I liked this one the best... looks like Alex is taking off on that paper plane.

Oh and another highlight during, but not part of the festival was pouncing on meeting Bernice (and her sister) from Raindrops and Bellyflops. Of course I didn't think to take a photo but I recognised her blouse (number 4) and then realised it was her. She lives up north nearly 2000 kilometres away  and was just leaving. I hope I wasn't too big a fan girl - she actually asked me if I knew of her other sister who sews  - HA! of course, that's the very talented Katherine from Blooms Endless Summer.  Two of my favourite blogs.  There's more sewing to show but that's for next time.


  1. That "I've got a big idea!" fabric is hysterical!

    1. Yeah thanks Kyle! What to do with more of it though?

  2. I sew and cook at the same time as well - otherwise I would never get any sewing done. Great makes for your boys -and sounds like you had fun at the festival.

  3. Thai green curry YUM!!! Do you follow a recipe? I'd love to have a good recipe for it.

    LOL about the lightbulbs innuendos :-D

    And you met Bernice and Katherine? Nice! And recognised them by Bernice's top? That is most kewl indeed :-) So is that pavement art you son's sitting on.

    1. Hi. I don't follow a recipe as I've made it so many times, but after many years making it and not ever having the exact favour I just figured it was just that I wasn't a native to it. However, once when the kaffir lime leaves were marked down to .50c I bought them and POW... that's the difference. I can't believe I was so tight I never bought them before. I still buy them when they are marked down but chop them finely and freeze them and they are ready every time I have the need. I will put the recipe up for you (and other green curry lovers).

    2. Oh yes it is footpath art but it was in the forecourt at Southbank. It was really amazing.

  4. Love the chalk drawing - the shorts and boxers look great.


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