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I had this top cut out before the Burda top made recently but avoided making it. I don't know why - maybe all the pleats at the neckline? I've made this top before in a heavier knit in a tunic length and i call it my cycling top. I wear it with leggings when we go social cycling. I made a size 10 then and made a note on the envelope that it was big in the back and shoulders so of course I noted it and then cut out a 10!

It's made from a textured pure merino knit that is more summer weight and bought on sale at The Fabric Store a couple of years ago. I also made two infinity scarves out of it - on for my niece and one for my cousin's young daughter for her trip to Canberra during the thick of winter.

The back neckline only is finished with bias binding - I made mine from some scrap from the pjs I made a while ago.  The feature of the bias came in handy as the back was big so I threaded some elastic through it and it pulls it in on the shoulders for it to fit but it's still a bit big under the arms. I also had green in the overlocker and just used that - I love aqua and green so I didn't mind and I really like the way both these features look.

The neckline pleats. Not very accurate really and it really bugs me but I found the material kept slipping and I seem to recall some machine problem.... for some reason sometimes when I release the foot pedal the machine doesn't stop so i have to turn it off to stop it. (After I pulled it apart and gave it a good still does it now and again but not nearly every time like it was then).  Apologies as this top isn't ironed. I just figured as it's too hot to wear now so I won't iron it and it will get put away without getting photographed.  I have only hemmed the sleeves so far but as I've put it away it won't get done until it gets taken out again (if ever). It's not really good enough to wear out in it's own right, but being merino it will be terrific for layering.

I've made another top too.  It's Simplicity pattern 8741 view D but without the ties in the sleeves. I've got a lot of peasant style patterns, and most of them are pretty overwhelming and 'fluffy' but this one fits pretty well. I find a peasant style blouse is pretty flattering on a larger bust.  The neckline is a little bit squared which I really like and find flattering also. It has a tie opening at the front which has a little facing.

Sorry this is also not ironed. I'd just washed it and hadn't (haven't) done the ironing yet. It's a Japanese lawn or voile and funnily it was called "Lora and Fauna". It was on the sale table at Spotlight a few weeks ago for $4 per metre and after I saw the name of it I wondered if it was an error and that's why it was on sale? Really does it make any difference what it is called. Anyway I'm not that partial to birds but I really loved the pink flower below which looks like a gum nut to me and it was sold. 

I also bought another Japanese voile and am making some pjs for my Mum for her birthday later this month. Better get sewing as  I have to make a Frocktails dress too, but I've got an idea for that and will investigate it this week. I'll try and get some photos of me wearing the tops as it is Student Free Day from school tomorrow so my photographer is in!


  1. Nice to have a new, cool top coming into summer. I have been using Spotlight Japanese lawns for PJ tops and they are really comfy to wear

  2. Ooh, lucky you having a Frocktails event. Down here in Newcastle, I'm pretty isolated - I don't know of any other sewing blogger here. I love the last top - very pretty and just right for summer casual. And with the merino - finish it, and just sew on a few beads around that neckline, and then you will have a really nice layering piece.

  3. P.S. Finish it if you want to, I mean :)


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