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It's been a while.... it's a long one.

 Well hello! It's been a while hasn't it. Life is busy and I just haven't had time to blog. I have done some sewing so I'll catch you up.

This is a sweat shirt I made to  try the sizing of Kwik Sew 938 pattern below for my son. The fabric was cut offs of a super wide fleece blanket I bought and I could just fit it on this. So two things... one, it wasn't big enough and two, the fabric has some strengthening woven into it so it doesn't stretch. Normally it would fit me but with no stretch, I couldn't move.  I used the pattern and cut on the fold.

I think I used the 36. How old is this pattern too!

Next I made the jacket next size up with the pockets and only half the collar (as it's super wide and folded over) with some of that grey merino/nylon french terry backed stuff.

I even put some bias tape stuff to stop the stretch but I should have put it on both edges where the zip would sit as when I folded it over the top stretched out so much despite the stay sticking above. This was also too small... well the body fit but the arms were too short. Noted for next time. Ended up buying a merino jacket from Aldi for my son as I had no suitable fabric left. (ha ha in such a stash how could I run out!).

Next came jeans sewing. I haven't finished these yet as I got into a long period where I didn't have time to sew and now it will be too hot. However, I'm on a finish all the UFOs kick so they may get finished just to work out more fitting tweaks.  This is a super old pattern and I cut out the slim fit, but they are so wide next to my thrifted jeans, I'll probably take them in on the legs to match the bought ones.

The fabric is some mustard heavy cotton drill with no stretch that I got years ago at the 'fabric sale' I go to. It was $2 for about 3 metres. It had faded in some spots, but this isn't my best colour so not sure I'll wear these anyway unless it's doing garden work. The pockets made from some scraps of a dress made from some cotton bought at Spotlight years ago.

I tried the triple stitch on the Bernina but going around the corners was not so good so I'll try other things to get this better. Although if anyone gets that close they better buy me dinner!

Back isn't too bad.. and I've made some changes with the seam allowance but not yet sewn up. The front isn't so good so I'm still thinking about that.

Next is a knitted fabric, also bought at that sale years ago, made with McCall's 9080 a really basic but useful drop shoulder sweatshirt pattern. I really love the neckline. I thought this may be warm but it's not that warm, but it's good for the office. Sorry about the terrible lift pictures. I've got my headphones in and walking shoes one for my lunch break. The sleeves are really long and I've made little ties for them and I like the look but I don't like how bunched up the sleeves are either. I think this length is also not very flattering but it's good with pants.

Now this bra was something of a shock... I bought this bra as is at Kmart because it was a few $$ and I wanted to harvest the findings. I didn't have my glasses and the size didn't matter. Imagine my shock when I got it home to see someone had put their old bra on the hanger and I imagine stolen the same bra colour and size (as there was many there exactly the same). I mean come on, it was only $4 reduced and $12 at full price. I hope they really did not have any money and were desperate...and not just doing it because they could.

During the last few months, I sold a few machines.... two old Singers and an Elna Stella. I have 8 more sewing machines and some many of those will get sold too however when I saw this for sale for $80 I snapped it up. It was sold with two other machines... so how could I go wrong. It works and is an Elna Supermatic which is a knee control machine. Runs beautifully and had all these cute tricky things included. The case turns into a flat sewing bed. So clever.

Probably the last time it was serviced!

The following photos are of the two Empisal machines that came with the Elna. I couldn't find any information on them but they are like little sewing stations and really large machines. Their cases, both different machines, are little storage units and were so interesting.

Although a bit discoloured and well used, they were not in bad condition and ran. I love how the cases have all these nooks and crannies to store things. I thought about selling them but I saw an ad on Gumtree for donations of sewing machines for a lady who teaches disadvantaged kids how to sew and decided to donate them and extend the sewing love around. I cleaned them up but they still needed a tune up and the lady said her son who is autistic loved pulling them down and working them out and he will get them purring. That made me very happy.

This is me at Parliament House for a morning tea won through the ABC radio Brisbane. Scones and coffee on the balcony... this is the Butterick Lisette waterfall jacket out in the wilds. I'm thinking it's a bit long for me so may cut off about 10 cms and get some shoulder pads as the shoulders don't sit well. Ha, that'd be next winter as no need for a coat here now.

I'm going to leave you with this shirt.... other than the ugly colour combo (sorry I don't do brown), look at the front... ha, as if you could miss that!  Next check out the price below.....

"Marnie checked cotton shirt $461"... what a joke. Firstly that must be that gold thread cotton and $461 and they can't even bother to match it. Who would buy this...someone must I guess. What do you think?

More soon. I've got more to show that I've made in the preceding months and this weekend I've had a UFO clearing time so a few things finished up which I'm enormously pleased about. I am not cutting anything out until these are finished...repeat...


  1. Love that Lisette jacket!

  2. Hi there, what a fun post. I love your sewing adventures, and your ability to try anything. The yellow jeans are looking pretty good to me, and the jacket is totally gorgeous. How great to win a morning tea at Parliament - well done! I think I had an Empisal machine once back in the olden days; machines were beautifully made back then. Elna is a gem, keep that one. omg, the bra story!!! Must be time I wrote a blog post too.....happy sewing my dear xxxx

  3. I laughed about your comment on the front fly stitching and going out for dinner. But seriously yellow jeans in Queensland seems a perfect match. Bad luck about the kwik sew pattern tops but nothing ventured nothing gained. How lucky to win a morning tea at Parliament House. I think your red coat looked fab even at its current length.

  4. Wow You've been busy!!! I'm glad the sewing machines have good homes now.
    As for that shirt, lol! When I am in a rush and just don't care if it matches or not, I just tell people I bought it off the rack, then it's ok.

  5. I agree, this is a fun post! Your jacket is stunning and suits you beautifully. Well worth the 20 yrs you'll have it because it won't wear out till then :-D

  6. Thanks for sharing all your sewing news! It is good to catch up.

  7. wow - that shirt just hurts my eyes and my brain!! I have an elna supermatic down in Sydney at my Mum and Dad's, don't have much room for it in the new place, but I still need to get it back up here....


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