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Roses cowl top.

I made a little cowl top a little while ago and wore it today with my purple gingham wrap skirt. I know it's a simple Butterick 4132 pattern just with little cowl top with or without sleeves. It'a ages old but really quick and making it a size 8 in the shoulders and down to a 12 from the bust down. 

It is the best fabric... a remnant from a designer sale (not the usual one I go to) a couple of years ago where I and my friend didn't buy anything off any rolls, but filled a shopping bag with these remnants. The rose fabric is a very strong firm crepe knit fabric that is a fibre mix. It is very good quality and there was just a scrap big enough for my friend to make her granddaughter a pair of leggings. 

These two fabrics above are from the same grab bag. Top one with the purple colour way is a Cynthia Rowley Simplicity 1366 pattern (the one with the cami and that amazing skirt - everyone made it). It was just enough to make it as a test. It's a beautiful silk crepe chiffon. That is the shoulder seam sewn up with a little ribbon to stabilise it. I finished it today the took it to my Mum as a gift. Hope it fits her. Of course I forgot to get a photo of it but hopefully I'll get one on Mum. The orange fabric is another remnant from same bag and is a heavy knit in that gorgeous colour and texture. Not sure what I'll make but maybe another top. I have so much fabric yet I get so excited by making a remnant fit and be used up.  Does that happen to you?

I've made the top with french seams. This photo shows the texture of the silk and the vibrancy of the colours. Mum has moved to an excellent, new, 5 star aged care home that is literally 5 minutes up the road and they get dressed up for dinner so she feels her wardrobe needs a few things a bit smarter than her day wear. She has a cami for under as it is very sheer... I really hope it fits her well. 

 My friend made this little lemon pudding for dessert after dinner last week and it was super quick and easy so I made it for my family and thought you may want to try it too. It's from one of Jamie Oliver's books. Use extra lemon for real tang. 

Just a reminder of the pattern and how I first wore it. Thanks for reading and leaving comments. Still, I am unable to comment on blogs (except some wordpress ones) and have tried everything but I cannot comment on Blogger blogs mostly. I would really like to as I have seen some great things that I wanted to comment on.. so I am loving your makes and would love to say so. 
Hope everyone is well.


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