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Made with remnants

This is my Mum. She's recently turned 83. She has also recently (last 6 months) moved into aged care. The first one was terrible but when a new one very close to my and her old home opened (delayed due to covid) she moved into there. It's a lovely place and other than being in your own home, she's pretty happy there and made lots of friends. There is a group of women who have joined their dining tables together so they can sit together and due to Mum putting olive oil and lemon juice or vinegar on her food, and everyone asking for the same, they have now taken to leaving these on the table! 

She's wearing a top made from a remnant from a fabric sale which was fill a bag with scraps for $20 .. my friend and I shared the bag and I've made a few things from them. This is a silk chiffon which is a very vibrant floral. I was testing this Cynthia Rowley pattern and it fit pretty well, but a bit short so it has a extra piece on the bottom to lengthen. I was thrilled when I visited and Mum was wearing it and took a photo. The medication Mum took for years for the rheumatoid arthritis sapped her bones and she has shattered 4 vertebrae in her lower back, so she's lost a number of cm in height and hence why she is in aged care. 😞

This is my new dress. Also made from remnants from a different sale. This are the side bit leftovers bought for a song.  Lovely quality cotton. Don't look too hard, but it was pouring yesterday and had to rush in the rain to get to my aqua aerobics Christmas party hence the crinkling. Cotton is so lovely to wear in the heat. I'm wearing my friend's Christmas glassess... so fun!

This is the pattern I used, but I just used the top part... I just used rectangles for the tiers. I opened the neckline up as I really don't like a high neckline and it doesn't do a large bust any favours either. What I forgot to take a photo of is the red gingham ready made bias binding I used for the neckline and arm hole. I made a size 10 top and it fits pretty perfectly, even my bust and I like that the armholes are just the right size and not gaping or too big. 

I used the selvage frayed edge for the hemline. I have some green single strip of sequins so I may put that on the bottom edge just for fun.  Sorry for the bad photos, pouring rain here for the next week although that doesn't stop aqua aerobics ... all the usual crowd was there at 8am this morning still. But again got soaking wet walking to and from the car park.

Update on my togs... I've worn them maybe 10 times tops... but look at the fade!!! I'm really disappointed and have never had lycra fade like this in such a short space of time. I bought this at East Coast Fabrics last year (or the year before?) The pool is salt/chlorine mix but no other togs have faded until at least a year. Shame for the effort of making them. 

This is my niece Zoe. I gave her the Brother machine I found on the street a few years ago. She's putting it to good use. This is a skirt she made from remnant fabric scraps too. It's a Peppermint Magazine pattern. I love the colour mix.. she did an excellent job of the pink trim on the pockets. I have a couple of Peppermint Mag patterns on my mental list. They have a dress similar to this one I have made so may try that next. 

Finishing off with a photo of our regular aqua aerobics crowd. They are a fun group and most of us show up any weather in the outdoor pool. You always feel great after a pool workout!

 I may not post again until the new year. If not I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. For readers who are in places where covid 19 does not allow for mixing with friends or family, I hope your situations get better as quickly as possible so you too can enjoy our levels of socialising. 


Patricia said…
What a happy post! As ever, you are sewing beautifully... Mum's top is gorgeous, and I love the story of her settling into the home via olive oil and lemon. She will be a star, I just know. Your check dress is great - the bodice does fit really well with that little armhole dart. I think I should try that pattern too. I have been thinking of making a similar style dress with tiers in some floral from Spottie. Aren't matching remnants great? the Peppermint skirt is appearing around the internet, and this is a really pretty version. Happy Christmas to you, your mother and the family, and all hopes for a brighter New Year in 2121. xx
kbenco said…
You have made such great use of your remnants, it looks as if you bought oodles of fabric specifically for each project, very clever planning. I love your Mum's top in particular, it is a lovely print and looks beautifully comfortable and elegant - beats a t shirt any day.
katherine h said…
Green and white gingham is my favourite. I made a green gingham blouse in my twenties and to this day, I wonder what became of it and why I must have given it away.

I have that Cynthia Rowley pattern, but have not tried it. Are the sleeves comfortable? I always have so much trouble with sleeves.

Wishing you the best for Christmas and New Year.

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