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What have I been doing

 Hello, it’s been so long since I have had even a second to think let alone blog. I’d like to say I’ve been sewing  but I haven’t. The togs I made died and I found a new pair in a second hand shop so and they just died. I just adjusted and finished a pair I started making my sister a few years ago but she decided she didn’t want togs and I needed a pair to go into the spa and steam room in my friends Broadbeach apartment this weekend where I write this. Enforced time away from home. This is the last days of my week off and my son has gone camping with his friends. I’ll take some photos of these later. Now I’ll just put up pictures and slight commentary on the last 8 months. 

I bought a barbie and we cook on it a lot  this is grilled barramundi, we’ve had snapper a few times too  I make my mums special sauce to put over it  delicious, easy and healthy. 

I have done heaps of nice cooking. The only sewing I’ve done is fixing a few things and hemming pants for mum. 
For my birthday other than the amazing cake further below my friend gifted me theses great hooks for hanging your bags in the car. So handy. 

I made some masks and thankfully we haven’t needed them that much but the cotton ones are so much nicer to wear and breathe through. 

I love cinnamon buns so made them a few times. 

I was sent to a different office in a higher position managing a team. I have done really well and I love it. One of my team left and gave me this card. Makes me laugh every time I see it. It’s not true though as we work hard for  the federal government social security department and along with social security we do the disaster payments too. In the last 18months we’ve paid out for 6 disasters around the country and with covid we did 3 years of  usual work in 6 months. 

While all this happened my Mum and one of my sisters went into aged care so we had to clear the house for sale, sold the house and did the final clearing. Most of the stuff is under my house and I’m nearly through selling the big stuff. It’s emotional as mum lived in our family  home for over 50 years so it was a huge job and really emotional. This was our last Christmas there. Mum and my sister were in the home (which is fabulous and they love being there together) so my sister and our sons went the night before and really decorated the place and we had a fabulous day. 

My youngest sister turned 50 and we went for a lunch and this was a fabulous cocktail I had. She had a few more than me. 

I sold the couch I covered a couple of years ago. I had it about 8 years and paid $300 for it, covered it for $50 plus time and sold it for $300 so cost me some time. We are using the last of mums couches till I sell it and then pick something else. 

We had to go for a covid test but all clear. 

Last Thursday’s dinner above and a lemon pudding below. 

My friend’s apartment where I’m at now. 

My birthday cake she made for me in March. 

The barramundi curry I made from the recipe further above. It’s got very delicate flavour so perfect for those who don’t like curry or heat.   

Pavlova for Christmas. 

Sparkly toes gifted for my birthday from my friend too. 

I’ve just had a week off and done some clearing and so for the first time in nearly 7 months I can see my floor free from mum’s stuff  that is now just overtaking under the house. I’m ok with that. One of my sisters would just dump it all in a skip but with time and effort I’ve sold heaps for mum and have 3/4 still to go but I’m ok with that. 

So, no sewing but I’m nearly in a position where I’ll have time to clear up the sewing room snd get to work on summer sewing as I doubt I’ll get time to do winter stuff. (The photos are not chronological for some reason but I guess that’s a bit all over the place just like life has been).

I hope you are all well and life is not so hectic for  you. I’m so grateful for my health, my job, my friends and my busy but thankfully uneventful life. 


Patricia said…
How lovely to see your post. Life has been topsy turvy for you too - but you seem to be handling things very well. It is a lot of work cleaning out a house full of a life-time of memories (took us a year!). Well done, especially on the selling which can be difficult. I wish you were my cook, love the barramundi. I really like your mask pattern - is it easily to find, or your own clever invention? Sewing has taken a back seat for me this year as well, but I am making one bright green knit dress for Winter. xxx

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