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A cute little top I made.

 I have this cute vintage pattern and I also had some leftover red polka dot rayon from a dress I haven't finished yet. I had just enough to cut this cute little top out. I made this a few months ago now. I wanted to try the pattern as it was so cute - not that I have that much time to make random tops, but there you go. 

It turned out really great! I moved the middle bodice part which is cut on the fold in 1 cm from the fold to widen the bodice a bit as I was making it for my son's girlfriend. It is and self line bodice. 

I haven't seen it on as it just got cool when I finished it so I'll get a photo when summer comes around again (and that won't be soon enough!)

The back is open has these two cute ties so it would be so cool in our hot summer. I love how This top turned out. It's cute and quite trendy in the little crop top phase that is going around. 

See the tassels above, I washed this dress in a friend's top loader which are much rougher on clothing and it tore one tassel off the dress and made it all shaggy. I wanted it neat again and wondered if hair conditioner would work.. and it did. It straightened it out just like new. I gave all the tassels a little trim and they are all perfect now.

At the end of April my son turned 18! I made a chocolate cake to help us celebrate at home after having just my family and a few of his friends at a Chinese restaurant. 

I made kimchi. I've made it before but it fermented and then went bad and I don't know why. This one is still fine.

I have recently gone to Europe for a holiday and next I'm going to write up my fabric shopping and purchases, YSL museum visit and my sewing magazine purchases. My friend and I had a lot of fun and it was great to be travelling (safely) again. Thanks for reading 😀


  1. That top is super cute, and the way you saved your tassels is brilliant. I never would have thought of that!


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