Thursday, December 29, 2011

Simplicity at .99c!

Hi just a quick post to say is having a Simplicity patterns sale for .99c with a maximum purchase of 10 patterns.  I have used them twice before and it is very quick service and they are very helpful. Even with the postage it will still be cheaper than 2 or 3 patterns at full price here in Australia!

Good shopping!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What am I doing with all my free time?

So I have all this free time as my son is going to his Dad's for a week on, week off (for the first time in 4 years) for the 6 week Christmas/summer holidays!  I thought I would get more done but I am exhausted and I have just had Christmas at my place so full clean up and set up took it out of me!  I bought a Karcher water pressure hose and blasted the green off everything - after a year of rain everything went yukky and I couldn't have that for Christmas.

So in this long post, after sorting out the photo business (see previous post) I can let you see what I have been doing.  Add to this making Stollen (German Christmas bread/sweet) (about 10)and cooking a ham (for the first time) and a turkey for Christmas in the Weber kettle (they both turned out great!)and I could hardly move yesterday so I just tidied up and mopped the floor and today I start other things.

 This is a Simplicity pattern that I have made up - (2217 I think - one of the Amazing Fit patterns) but look at that bad drafting! Those notches are way out. But the dress looks fine and is a nice fit. Even though I have been 95% finished about 4 December, I have not had time to put the armhole facings on and hem - I think I will put bias tape on the arm holes however as the one facing I have put on is a bit out because of the extra bust fitting (D cup) and I can't be bothered to draft one!

 When I make up the aprons I use my rolled hem foot in a 4 mm size.  They are really easy to use when you get used to it - sometimes mucks up but I use scraps of voile to make hankies (I still use hankies)and this is good practice but also gives you funky hankies instead of Nanna hankies!

One of the aprons I made (with a matching tea towel)

This is with Ikea fabric which is great for this kind of thing!
This is New Look 6831
 This New Look pattern I have had for years and have made the top (many times) and skirt (once) but never the dress. When I bought this cotton from Spotlight ($3 pm) a few years ago, I knew it would be this dress.  You can just see a curved under bust seam, but I have magically (by chance) matched it so well it is nearly invisible.  I would have liked the skirt to be on the bias but I didn't have enough fabric forgot when I was cutting it out! I do have a 1cm black and white rayon gingham that will be the same dress soon so I will do it on that one. Only change I made was to put some elastic across the back at the same spot where the under bust seam is to give it some shape for my sway back otherwise it is just one long piece. I put some of that pom pom edging on it for whimsy! 

 These are the cushion covers I made with Ikea fabric too (I love the heads one. I bought 4 cushions vacuum sealed from Ikea about 2 years ago and just got to opening and covering them. They were about 1/2 cm thick when I opened them and it took about 3 weeks for them to puff up fully! They are 72cm x 72cm so quite large and there are 2 with the heads and 2 with the striped fabric hiding behind.
I also helped a friend start sewing.  I had an 12 month old Lincraft magazine that had some craft things in it and passed it on with other mags to her.  She saw some little sacks and bunting and decided that she would make them for Christmas.  My friend is German and they do this kind of decorating a lot.  She made 7 metres of bunting with red and white fabrics and it looks great - I'll get a photo to show soon. She is using my 2nd hand My Style 22 Janome that I bought for $35 then spent about $125 getting the feet and the little box that clips on but it is a one step button holer and at the time I only had my 25 year old Janome that is a 4 step button holer. 

I am now scraping and washing down my bedroom to prepare to paint while my son is away but I am broken (neck injury from years ago) and everything takes about double the normal person time ... slow but surely wins the race so back to it.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Reflections after Christmas... previously titled "..before Christmas"

Well, I think this is my last post for the year. Such a cliche but I really can't believe how fast this year has gone.

My son (right) and his best friend at school Christmas concert.
(Edit: as I couldn't work out my photos I left this as a draft and forgot about it... I have worked out my photo problem - small issue with wrong year on date that is now fixed! so please excuse my comments about "before".)

Some reflections about my year:

I have learnt so much... that is formal learning at university and also personal learning that we do every day.  

My relationship with my ex partner has really improved and that has been a blessing for my son especially but for all involved. 

I have learned that I don't need to hang on to some friendships that have had their time and I can (and am trying to be) true to myself. I have also learnt that, true to words of wisdom from one who had gone before, some people treat you like their project and when they finish with their project so does their friendship, and with this I also learnt that some people need you to be constantly grateful to them and that is why they offer their "help" so it's not necessarily about helping me but about their own needs being fulfilled - don't get me wrong, I am grateful for my friends. Friendship to me is giving help but also accepting and receiving help if you need it also. A friend who is always doing things for you but never lets you help them when they need it has some other agenda I have found.

I learnt my Mum and Dad are not indestructible! That is a shock(not only to me but them also) Of course my intellectual self knows this but the child in me wants them to last forever - especially for the Grandchildren.

I have also grown my learning curve for technology enormously - ha ha, you may think this means I am competent (ok I am competent) but I am not proficient ... however compared to when I started my Tafe/Uni I am a techno genius!

I have learnt that I can do nearly anything... or if not I will find out by giving it a go and know that I can't do it. 

It is a special feeling going to university with people who are half (or more) my age and still feeling like I belong .. that is a testament to  the young people in part of course, but it also highlights that you don't really change (I feel the same as when I was in my thirties ... for clarification I turn 50 next March - phew how did that happen!!) 

Lastly I thank any readers I do have (still a surprise!).  I love reading your blogs and have learned so much so thank you. Safe and happy holidays to all.

Anyway that's enough ... and just to prove that technically I am still very challenged .. I cannot work out how to get my photos from the new Nikon to iphoto to get them on the blog! (Edit: see above edit.)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holidays... at last!

Well how long has it been?? I finished up my university semester on 10 November and here it is nearly 2 weeks and not much done still.  I have been exhausted since finishing; add 30 degree humid heat and about a gazzilion appointments.  I have nearly finished my appointments and will start on some Christmas sewing for gifts .... funnily enough I am also making some aprons out of Ikea fabric like Bernice at Raindrops and Bellyflops for a teacher and a cooking friend who has a birthday breakfast a couple of weeks before Christmas. I have yet to purchase my fabric but am going to Ikea on Thursday to buy some more.

I have just recently bought some and made some cushion covers for some cushions I also bought at Ikea about 18 months ago but never opened.  They were vacuum packed in a cylindrical shape that had a diameter of about 10 cm. When I opened them they stayed flat as pancakes for about three and a half weeks and they are nearly fully fluffed now. I wish I had taken a photo as they were so funny - but I worried that I would need to put two cushions in one cover and have only two.  

I am in the process of converting my "study" back to my "sewing room".  It is really small but adequate and I am pleased I have this little me space.  I have lots of projects (sewing, painting rooms and furniture) I want to accomplish this holiday as I have till the end of February but this heat may limit some.

Thanks to

My room has gone from tidy to huge mess while I get the fabric out I want to use and file away the uni stuff. I also bought  a new  two new cameras.  I was only wanting one  but a large electrical retailer was having a buy one, get one free deal so I have new cameras! Both are fixed lenses but one is a SLR "look" and one is for my bag!  I may just sell one ... I'll work out which one is my favourite.  Santa is giving me the SLR look one as when I don't have something to open on Christmas day, my son gets all upset ... so that takes care of that! And don't I look like I've been good all year!

And for some reason I cannot get my photos from the new camera from iphoto to the blog so I leave you with this "manifesto".

I have lots to show (I have been sewing) but can't work out the camera!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Stitches in Time" Singer Competition

Image from here imgres

Singer is having a competition for their 160th Anniversary. They are calling for stories about sewing with Singer and the prize is a limited edition machine.  You can find it on . I've had a look but just quickly.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Robin Hood

A few weeks ago I picked up my son from school a little bit earlier as we had an appointment to go to and his teacher said "oh we were just talking about what will happen tomorrow with the children do their parade of story characters tomorrow"

"oh" says me ... "what parade"

"it came in a note a few weeks ago"

"mmm... no I didn't get that note"

"Not to worry... just make something up out of what you have at home is what we've said. No need to go and buy anything"

"Ok" me says again.

So after our appointment and at 5.30pm while making dinner, I whipped up a Robin Hood outfit.  I think if Robin Hood went out in this the rich would feel sorry for him and give him their riches but my son was thrilled (as 7 yo boys are when you "whip something up" for them).  He was so grateful he kept saying, "wow, this is great", "I can't believe it!".  

It's made from a remnant I bought at Spotlight. It's some of that stuff you make to put on tables to protect the top.  I went on the internet and found a tutorial for the hat shape from a girl who made 18 I think for a rendition of Robin Hood-Men in Tights for her husband and friends (can't find it now).  I made up a belt from an old belt and a pouch for the 'arrows' ... just didn't have a feather for these photos but he got one the next day.  His school uniform is that bottle green so that kind of went with it.  He was very proud the next when he came home from school and said many of his friends told him they couldn't believe his mum made it (obviously they know nothing about quality sewing!) but I was glad for him!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Family additions!

Oh, sorry... I don't mean family additions in the way Kristy does! I mean of the paper variety!

Remember the trip to Bribie Island and our little stop on the way at the thrift shop? Well these are the patterns I bought for 20c each. Bargain!

 I really love the kimono sleeves on this one  and it looks so simple (I wouldn't use the big cuffs as I feel overwhelmed by those types of details).  The girls dress comes with transfers to replicate the white and yellow dress/top.  Reminds me of the dress Treena self drafted in August.  Might try to enlarge that for myself! This is really for a friend who sews for her neices.
 This cowl top is designed for woven fabrics!  I will make it with short sleeves though as too hot (not today mind!) soon for long sleeves.  I liked the Burda for the red striped dress as it is princess seams and that is much more flattering for me and I think it will be an easy one to modify.
I don't usually buy costume patterns but I bought this one for the pattern I have conveniently cut off ... it's a warrior (you know the one with the leathery skirt) and I my son thought I should make that for him!  The other is a basic pattern with an A line skirt which is good for me too.  I don't know if you can read it clearly but it has stamped on it "Craigslea High School Home Economics department". That is a high school in that area and obviously that was a pattern they use for teaching students. A good one for learners me thinks!

So pretty good score but I hope I get time to make some soon...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crayons, frogs and jelly fish with the last stretch coming up!

I am not talking about fabric (or even horse racing) but the last stretch before I finish this (first) semester at uni (and the last term before school holidays for summer!) I have only had one week holiday (school holidays was two weeks) but it was relaxing and fun.  I had my sister's boys over for a sleepover on the first Monday.  I bought them all a white t-shirt and had fabric crayons and they drew their own design on them.  I washed the shirts and two of them wore them the next day when my Mum and I took them to the Planetarium for a look see and a show.  Before the show at lunch time we had a small picnic and a play at the Botanical Gardens next door.  Then a play and explore after inspecting Neil Armstrong's space suit and other stuff there. Boys love this stuff!

T-shirt designing

Two finished shirts 

Three boys and a planetarium
Then one sister and nephew joined us for a Bribie Island beach mini break.  A friend has a house two minutes from the surf beach that he only uses on weekends and offers it for holiday breaks! Fantastic .. it was a really cloudy and overcast the first two days when my sister was there but we went to the beach anyway as the boys don't care about weather when there is unspoilt, unpopulated beach.  Running and digging and screaming ... they had a great time.

Beautiful day at Bribie Island
My sister left and we stayed for another night and day and had the most beautiful day.  My son started by saying he wasn't going into the water but would just be playing on the sand... I said ok just make sure you have your togs on ('swimmers' in Queensland speak). Of course we ended up staying all day and he went in and out of the water three separate occasions.
Green frog on house stairs
This is a small green tree frog (one of two we saw one night) on the stairs.  One time we went up and my son screamed ... I found him in the toilet saying there was a frog in the bowl.  It was much bigger (at least double this size) and I just saw him slip away. I don't know what it is there but there are always green tree frogs.  This time the avocado tree was just finished fruiting and we managed to pick 2 hard but 1 ripe one which we ate on baguette toast - yum!

There are often jelly fish in the water at Bribie (or blue bottles - much smaller, tiny even, marine stingers) but none this time on the surf side, but there were a few of these beauties on the calm side. This one was about 35 cm long (13") so they are pretty big.  They sting and hurt but can't kill you like some marine stingers we have!
Jelly fish
Calm side of island

The weather has been cold and really windy here the last two days (my least favourite weather is wind - everything else I can cope with fine) but we still went for a bike ride this afternoon and finished off with going to the local movie theatre to see The Smurfs of all things but my son enjoyed it.

On the way to Bribie Island we stopped at a church thrift shop that always has patterns and I bought a few so I'll show you when the camera battery is charged and I can download the photos.

Monday, September 12, 2011

I was in Sydney...

I know it's late ... but thoughts go out to all in the US who have been affected by the 11 September attacks. 

I was in Sydney with some German friends.  We would alternate who went to which country and it was their turn to come to Australia.  They love Brisbane but adore Sydney and we ended a wonderful trip together in Sydney for a few days.  We went out to the Basement the night before and planned meeting in New York City the next year as it was one place neither of us had been. We were very excited by our plans but woke the next morning to the unbelievable footage. 

Sydney Opera House - another time.
I don't usually watch t.v. in the daytime but my friend put it on in the hotel and it was just at the moment one of the towers was falling. I couldn't see a building it was at the moment when all you could see was the grey cloud of dust. It looked to me like a volcano had erupted and said so to my friend, but I thought I heard New York and said to my friend "there aren't any volcanos near New York is there?" Then they showed the terrible footage.  

I am glad they didn't play it very often here after that first few weeks.. I've only seen it once this weekend, but it still makes me cry ... that funny spontaneous crying that you don't realise is happening. I still get overwhelmed and I can't imagine how New Yorkers must feel. The Freedom Pools look incredible.  I hope I get to New York one day soon.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


The Sew Convert did a post about her home town of Singapore. She mentions a roti shop and I just said to my friend who will have a stopover in Singapore in a month that she must stop there for the best rotis I have ever eaten and the lime drinks next door - fabulous.  The fabric shops are just around the corner and I hope she has a corner in her bag left after a month in France!

I have visited Singapore many, many times.  Some times for stop overs, sometimes for separate trip and always, always wanted to stay longer. The food is great, the people are great, the transport is great, the fabric shops to die for and did I mention the food? Oh not to forget shoes! bags! Oh I just love it.
 This is where we ate every day (above). We had a great hotel but who wants to eat bacon and eggs or cereal when this array is on offer??  My father is Greek and my mother is Cypriot and we are very fussy food people.  My mother has lived in Australia nearly 60 years and has never eaten a meat pie, sausage roll, meals in a can or frozen. This is why my (4) sisters and I all make our food from scratch.  My youngest sister cried "what will Mum eat in Singapore?"  But eat we did.  The food is the best quality and top health standards in the world.  You can eat anywhere and be guaranteed it will be safe. At the place above you just pointed to the ready made items and they put them on your place.  Full plate every morning cost about S$3.50 (a little less Aust $).  Right next to the ready made was the hot noodle and rice stir fry and just behind, the soup bar.  All cost about the same. (Hotel breakfast would be about S$25).
 This is us eating the rotis.  We bought about 6 of them! We just kept going back on the same visit.
 Served on a brown paper "plate" with a bowl of vege curry with it (tiny bowl) and the yellow plate was some rice my son wanted.

 My mum was so impressed (not easy to do believe me) that she asked if she could watch.  My mother can replicate any food if she tastes it; add watching and no problem.  The men were very gracious and let her jump behind the counter to look. (one of them - can't remember which one now) was moving to Sydney the next week to work in an Indian restaurant - so somewhere in Sydney these great rotis are being served!

 This is some ice cream we got on Orchard Road (great shopping strip).  It was served in wafers or this amazing techni-coloured bread slices. We got wafers.

And, lastly some photos of the orchids in the Orchid Gardens, a very popular tourist spot.  Very beautiful gardens. Travelling with Mum for 7 weeks she took not one photo of me or anyone else but a camera full of the flowers here! Where are her priorities!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Making it Handmade:

A documentary following four women from Melbourne who've taken a seemingly staid pastime of craft and injected it with a youthful modern aesthetic.
[Coarse language, Sexual references/sex scenes]
This is on tonight on ABC2 at 9.34pm for those of you in Australia.  I hope I remember to watch it (I"m so tired. I've just finished painting and have to clean the blinds, wash the windows, screw in all the handles and fixture thingys and then hang the blinds and screen - not to mention uni stuff!)
I am really intrigued as to why it has an MA rating: coarse language I get (I sew therefore I curse!) but Sexual reference/sex scenes????  Nothing like that ever happens when I'm doing anything handmade or do I get the interpretation of handmade wrong?

These are just photos so there is some interest here.  The first one is when we were in Cyprus 2 years ago.  That is some lovely voile I bought at Spotlight with a basic peasant blouse pattern I've had for years.  It looks a little abstract in this photo but it is a large flower print in off white, grey and black.  Instead of gathering all the way around, I pleated the front and covered it with ribbon.  I have really worn this out but can't bear to chuck it out as at home in the heat it is perfectly cool and soft.

The other photo is a shopping trolley in one of the supermarkets in Cyprus - now that way your children would be happy to go shopping.  As Cyprus only has a population of about 730 000 people they are pretty with it with trolley choice!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do you see what I see?

No, Ange and Brad haven't come over for dinner and let me snap their photo. I won't bore you with how long it has taken to scan this photo and the drama with it, but I persisted...  (sorry about the bad quality photo - after too many attempts I gave up scanning it and just took a photo with the mac's camera)

What's with the zip hanging out like that?? Doesn't someone save her? Haven't you ever tapped someone on the shoulder on the bus and said "Oh, just thought I'd tell you your tag is hanging out"? I nicked this magazine from the hospital physio waiting room as I couldn't believe it ... it's not even an invisible zip!

That green dress is a Versace and must have cost a bomb! It was from the Golden Globes this year so shows how up to date I am.  (I just looked at a lot of the dresses worn and I don't really like a lot of the choices.) I really don't like blondes wearing a nude colour - they look washed out. I s that just me thinking this? I only watch these award shows (US or Australian) just to see what's worn.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mish Mash..

Carolyn showed us the table her father made on her blog a few days ago; her family seems to be a really crafty and hand made family which is really inspiring. It also reminded me that I made a table too.  It was a while ago... hmmm let me think when ... it must be about 15 years ago (wow, where does the time go?) 

I was a travel agent for a long while. One of my clients was quite a traveller and a really nice guy.  He ended up travelling lots with me (actually that means booking with me) and he ended up getting married to a young lady who was a furniture maker (and traveller) ... not just an ordinary furniture maker but she had learned from Bell Bros. which was an old traditional furniture make now sadly out of business (quite a while now).  She wanted to teach people how to make simple things and pass on her love of woodwork; and she particularly wanted to teach women.  

When she told me about it I jumped at the chance and another travel agent friend made one after me too.  There were only 6 or 8 in the class and we made a table from silky oak which is a lovely wood from a grevillia tree (can't remember which one - but my absolute favourite species of native trees). You all made the same size and shape but could customise it by shorter and/or fancier legs, routing the edges etc but I wanted a nice simple shape.  She helped us all in the beginning as we had to plane the wood etc and may have been a bit slow at times.  The wood at the beginning looked like it was on a dump pile so the first thing I learned was that you don't judge a book made of wood by its cover! Anyway here it is.. what do you think?

 Anyway, onto other things I have been doing.  I started university yesterday.  The tafe course I was doing (Diploma of Marketing) was a 12 month course and that gave automatic entry into a Bachelor of Business at QUT here, of course only if you actually passed (I did - distinctions all round!!) It also cuts one year off the Bachelor so I only have 2 more years.

I chose to do it this way because as I hadn't studied for quite a while and I am a single parent I wasn't sure I could cope with full time study for 3 years.  So this way I could bumble through a year and at least get a qualification that was useful.  If I started a degree and couldn't finish; I'd have nothing to show for it.
Anyway, while I have been on the mid-semester break I have been doing stuff.  I sewed a skirt (two actually but one I gave to my Mum as it is just not good for my shape), still half made the black dress posted before, the magenta jacket, half made top for my mum (having trouble with the thread for some reason - and it's a knit), I know I have made something else too but can't remember!
This is just a simple A line skirt that I put a brown zip in as that was all I had that was dark, some patch pockets and belt loops.  It's probably a little short but with boots and tights I can get away with it as a student!

The other thing I have been doing is painting my lounge room!  It hasn't been done since when I went to Argentina and Peru many years ago (Princess Diana died when I was in Cuzco whatever year that was).  I came home and my boyfriend then painted the lounge room this beautiful happy sunshine lemon colour.  Being a single parent and poor, I bought a can of miss tinted paint from Bunnings for $20 and now it is a very neutral cream/beige colour.  My son and I miss our happy yellow colour.  That corner behind the tv has a spot that I missed I noticed last night but too bad - I'm done! 

Well not really as the windows are getting done this weekend while my son is with his Dad.  I also have a spinal/neck injury from 20 years ago so I am super slow and so this has taken me a few weeks - I had to scrape the peeling paint from the window frames and sand them and this put a lot of stress and pain on my hands so slow was the go. (where the table is pictured is the new colour) At least there are no black hand prints on the wall anymore (my son came into the bathroom when I was showering one day and said "Look how I painted my hands mum" and I knew it was on the walls too!)

I also had to go to help my friend in Adelaide for a few days - so I have been (lots) lazy, and (some) productive during my break. Sorry for the long post.  What a mish mash of stuff.  

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not competitive but community.

While doing yoga this morning (I do it every morning so that I am a little looser due to an old car accident) I was thinking about sewing and about having a blog.  I am not such a proficient seamstress like many in blog land, nor am I so precise and patient like many seamstresses out there.  Then I thought having a blog and a blog land of sewers makes us competitive... I have definitely sewn more since having my blog. During this musing though I changed my mind and decided that rather than making me competitive it inspires me.  I think more about sewing and what I am making and fitting etc.  So thanks to all the bloggers I read (even if I don't comment) for the inspiration, information, encouragement and the sharing of a lovely community.

This is a maxi-dress I made a couple of years ago.  $2 per metre cotton and a shirred bodice with a big ruffle on the bottom.  Sooo comfortable and nice to wear but the cheap fabric didn't last.  We had just been swimming at South Bank on Australia Day - it isn't very flattering but I love that my son is so cuddly!

Gratuitous photo as no sewing done as I am painting (well so far scraping, sanding and filling) the lounge room.  The last time it was done was when Princess Diana died and I was travelling in South America - an old boyfriend did it as a surprise!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cyprus and warmth.

Well, I haven't done much sewing as it is just too cold in my house at night to sew.  I've lived in my house for nearly 20 years and I caved and bought a heater this year; one of those heavy oil heaters .. lugged it up the stairs, put it together and... it didn't work.  Took it back to the shop the next day, repeated the lugging and putting together for the heater to work perfectly warming up my kitchen and some sewing was done (see previous post) however, that only lasted 3 days; or rather the heater did.  So that went back and now I am wondering should I buy another?? I am cold; so I say yes, but that would be 4 trips to the shops so far for no warmth. 

I had to go to Adelaide to help a friend in need .. cold and wet there .. took fabric to cut out a jacket and she borrowed a machine for me - but a lot of talking, reading and relaxing got done but alas no sewing. That's ok I didn't have my son with me (he was at Dad's) so it was the first uninterrupted time I'd had with my girlfriend for quite a while.

So just to have some colour in my post I am putting a photo from our trip to Cyprus in 2009 at about the same time of year.  Beautiful isn't it ... Look at those colours with my piddly little camera.

 This one is of my and my son's foot on the marble rocks on the Acropolis. I liked my pearly pink nail polish and the colours on the rock and my son's little foot.
This is a photo of my son and nephew at the Brisbane Tram Museum.  I go when I want to remember riding the trams in my early youth. These are way before even my youth however; but they are really lovely and the boys love going.  It is a really cute museum, the people are friendly and run the different trams all day... it's only open on Sundays when it doesn't rain for those interested.

I graduated last Tuesday and now start university on 25 July! so I hope to have time to sew a few more things and paint the lounge room (and maybe my bedroom??) Here's wishing me luck.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ta Da!

Well I've finally finished something!  I finished my Butterick 5187 jacket. I bought this scrap of wool from the fabric sale for $5 I think and it was not enough to face the back panel so I used a fine fabric that I made a dress from (must show it one day).  It is an unlined jacket but the wool keeps you very warm and it is my replacement for a sweatshirt or fleece. It got very thick in some places but it is very soft fabric so wasn't a big problem. This is very easy pattern as it is an unlined jacket and really perfect for our cool but not cold winter days.
The black turtle neck is a sleeveless top out of merino wool that I also bought at the fabric sale and it was $20 but really warm.  I also bought a long sleeve top in this fabric but as it had a tiny (unseeable) hole it was only $5. 

The other top is one of the Vogues I bought  at the beginning of the year and I tested it out with this cotton knit I bought forever ago. I love the colours and I made the top a longer tunic length and wear it with footless tights to ride my bicycle... Perfect.  You can't really see it but it is pleated up the top and I sewed the size 10 widening it to a 14 around the hips.  The 10 though is still too big so I will cut the 8 out next time.  I will make some more as I need tops and this was pretty easy too. I've tried to upload the scans of the pattern envelopes but after 3 tries, it's not working and I am over it! Sorry about the quality of the photos too, as mentioned before my camera takes two photos before giving up. The one with the jacket, I am on my knees so that my son could take the photo front on not from under me. (and for a change I had just done my hair!) What do you think (of the sewing, not the hair!) When the camera comes good again I'll take photos of the New Look pattern that I have made 3 versions of and a skirt that I made and by coincidence had the same fabric as the pattern envelope!