Friday, April 1, 2011

Remnants and bits and pieces.

It's been nearly a month since getting my Ottobre magazine but I haven't had time to make anything from it, although I have read it a few times and keep looking at the styles. I have been doing lots of little bits and pieces that have been waiting a while ... I pulled apart a peasant top and put some lacy bits around the neck and puffed sleeves.  It was a 1 mtr piece of quilting cotton in lovely green and purples but it was just too much and the white lace breaks it up. I think it was a $2 remnant!

 This dress above I made probably about October last year, both top and bottom made from remnants.  The bodice I spent ages putting on some flat red "beads" in a random pattern.  When I washed it, you can just see the red from the bodice ran into the white.  I was so annoyed but I couldn't throw it away ... then a few months before I bought some red dye and dyed it so now it is all red but looking now I prefer the white.  

When in Adelaide I bought some Dragon fruit, my son loves it and it is very refreshing when it is hot and the fruit is cold.  It has a delicate sweet flavour and doesn't it look spectacular!... look at the inside.  I first saw this fruit about 15 years ago in Singapore and then a few years later it was here and there.  There is the white inside flesh as below but there is also a beetroot purple inside with black seeds also ... both looking the same on the outside.What fantastic colour!

Gratuitous photo of banana splits I made for us one day! Home made berry coulis! YUM!


I have made 3 pairs of Ben 10 shorts for my son and his two cousins.  My son uses his as sleep shorts but my older nephew has some eyelets on the waist band and an elastic pull - he loves them too. I also made a pair of little 3/4 pants for my son to just sit around in, as he keeps wearing his tae kwon do pants around, but he doesn't really like to wear them much ... I think they are really cute but I may have to cut them to shorts length.
Not bad for a  $1 remnant.
Pocket and print detail.

I also cut up the dress below: and made the bodice actually fit and got rid of the downward point in the front of the dress and got rid of the puffy full skirt and it has had some 'wow' comments since wearing it.  I only have the before photo - taken at the school bush dance fund raiser ... I don't get around like that normally (oh, ok sometimes).  My sister bought the dress at a 2nd hand shop and it is a Laura Ashley ... the colour and polka dots is so me, but that style was so making me look huge!  The fabric is beautiful soft cotton and I couldn't toss it away.  I'll get an after shot but it's in the ironing basket at the moment.

We had a few cold nights last week (back to average now, tho) and my son was wondering around in my dressing gown.  It's that fluffy soft fleece stuff and as his dressing gown is now a little short in the arms (and has a Lightning McQueen thing on the back - he is not really a licenced character type of kid really) he refuses to wear it.  So that will go on to the third wearer but I had to get back to making him a new one.  I bought the fleece at the end of last winter for $6 per metre, and cut it out in New Look 6847, then left it in a bag as it got too hot.  

My dressing gown!
Much happier boy in his new gown!
Thursday is a full day at tafe and I normally crash in the evening when my beautiful boy goes to sleep and watch Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives, but I keep thinking what a waste of two hours so I put the 20 year old tv on in the kitchen, set up my overlocker (also 20 years old ... trust me there is a theme here-these can be classed my mid-age things!), and made up his little dressing gown.  It took me 4 hours but I finished it and had it at the end of his bed for when he woke up... but I put it on the end on mine as he woke up at 5am to go to the toilet and snuggled up with me.  He saw it immediately and if he hadn't thanked me 15 times before I dropped him to school; he hasn't thanked me at all!  "I love it!!" was the general comment ... how pleasing! He then also asked me if I was proud of myself (he's 7 in 24 days!).  


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  1. I've had good luck soaking clothing that has been "Washing Machine Dyed" in a bucket of water with a scoop of OxyClean. I don't know if that is strictly a US product or not, but it is supposed to be an oxygen based bleach. It seems to take out the dye run without fading the patterns very much.


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