Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hmmmm.... this little machine I saw at Spotlight today for $399!  reduced from $700 I think it was.  I'm a little confused as I understood some of the features were exclusive to Janome and upon some research, Janome apparently makes Elna now.  
This is my newer machine .... but I bought it from Aldi about 18 months ago for $250 reduced from $299!  (branded Lacura)It runs like a dream and I have been really happy with it, but till now always thought it was just a rebranded Janome with some slight cosmetic changes.  

If you do see this out and about, definitely don't buy it for $700 and even though it may be worth the $399, you may get it cheaper elsewhere... I was trying to see the same model in the Janome stockists but as it is rebranded Elna, it's no wonder I didn't find is a good machine however and I have used it exclusively since buying it.  My Janome I have had for 25years and even though it still runs fantastically, I use this one because it has a one step button hole (luxury!) and who would have thought the little top button putting the needle down or up would be such a great feature; but it is! 

Speaking of machines, I must ask my Mum if I can have a go on her SInger... she has a Genie; apparently a coveted machine by some, so I would like to have a go!  I also want an old SInger treadle machine like we used to have (and I sewed on it too)... three drawers each side and a little flip draw at the front. Where do I put it though??

Are you like me and love your little mechanical friends??

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