Saturday, April 9, 2011

It could be a bum!

In my "about me" I mention that I like coffee.  I'm not in the financial position to buy a good coffee machine but none-the-less I do have one my sister bought at, what is know as "The Dump Shop", for $8.
The Dump Shop is exactly as it sounds ... a shop at the dump, where you put stuff you want in a spot marked out like a parking space and then the guy comes over and tell you how much for the whole lot! She has has some truly fantastic bargains this way of stuff you kind of want or need but just can't justify the cost.  Most of the stuff is pretty new and people living in this era of what I call "afluenza" just dump stuff they don't want or need any more. (suits me!)

Therefore, every morning I make myself a lovely latte.(as lovely as this machine can manage anyway).  A lot of mornings I get this type of manifestation in the froth:
 I see it as a sign for the day.  I always show my son saying "hey look, Mum got a heart in her coffee again" to which he often replies while turning it around the other way "or could be an  bum, Mum!"
I think this one is a definite heart!

What do you get in your coffee; hearts or bums, or something else. I hope you get hearts!

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  1. Back home my friends and I found a lot of deals at the dump shop! I love your little heart latte. ^_~

    Coffee is an amazing thing.


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