Monday, April 18, 2011

Pyjamas from yesterday (or way before yesterday)

I realised that I had said that I would post about the old retro patterns I had found at the jumble sale at the church up the road... I posted a couple of lovely dresses and then forgot all about it.

I thought I would show some of the old pyjamas for girls, misses and women. Which do you like? 

Aren't these the most darling!

Not sure about the nightie but I like the others!


  1. I love your pj patterns. When I was little my grandma made each of the girls in the family a flannel nightgown for Christmas. I have been looking for vintage patterns like the ones my grandma used so I can make them for the girls in my family.

  2. I love pattern number three! Can you imagine getting that dolled up to go to bed? ^_^


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