Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crayons, frogs and jelly fish with the last stretch coming up!

I am not talking about fabric (or even horse racing) but the last stretch before I finish this (first) semester at uni (and the last term before school holidays for summer!) I have only had one week holiday (school holidays was two weeks) but it was relaxing and fun.  I had my sister's boys over for a sleepover on the first Monday.  I bought them all a white t-shirt and had fabric crayons and they drew their own design on them.  I washed the shirts and two of them wore them the next day when my Mum and I took them to the Planetarium for a look see and a show.  Before the show at lunch time we had a small picnic and a play at the Botanical Gardens next door.  Then a play and explore after inspecting Neil Armstrong's space suit and other stuff there. Boys love this stuff!

T-shirt designing

Two finished shirts 

Three boys and a planetarium
Then one sister and nephew joined us for a Bribie Island beach mini break.  A friend has a house two minutes from the surf beach that he only uses on weekends and offers it for holiday breaks! Fantastic .. it was a really cloudy and overcast the first two days when my sister was there but we went to the beach anyway as the boys don't care about weather when there is unspoilt, unpopulated beach.  Running and digging and screaming ... they had a great time.

Beautiful day at Bribie Island
My sister left and we stayed for another night and day and had the most beautiful day.  My son started by saying he wasn't going into the water but would just be playing on the sand... I said ok just make sure you have your togs on ('swimmers' in Queensland speak). Of course we ended up staying all day and he went in and out of the water three separate occasions.
Green frog on house stairs
This is a small green tree frog (one of two we saw one night) on the stairs.  One time we went up and my son screamed ... I found him in the toilet saying there was a frog in the bowl.  It was much bigger (at least double this size) and I just saw him slip away. I don't know what it is there but there are always green tree frogs.  This time the avocado tree was just finished fruiting and we managed to pick 2 hard but 1 ripe one which we ate on baguette toast - yum!

There are often jelly fish in the water at Bribie (or blue bottles - much smaller, tiny even, marine stingers) but none this time on the surf side, but there were a few of these beauties on the calm side. This one was about 35 cm long (13") so they are pretty big.  They sting and hurt but can't kill you like some marine stingers we have!
Jelly fish
Calm side of island

The weather has been cold and really windy here the last two days (my least favourite weather is wind - everything else I can cope with fine) but we still went for a bike ride this afternoon and finished off with going to the local movie theatre to see The Smurfs of all things but my son enjoyed it.

On the way to Bribie Island we stopped at a church thrift shop that always has patterns and I bought a few so I'll show you when the camera battery is charged and I can download the photos.

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  1. That looks lit a perfectly wonderful holiday, in a beautiful location. How great that you had such perfect weather too! (thank you so much for your kind words too... :))


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