Friday, March 1, 2013

A Great Week for Me

I've had a great week! I had two days in Sydney with the highlight being seeing Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra (well the ones that could stand it I'd guess). It was an amazing show ... we saw the 2nd show where he did all the song on his new album and some more exciting old favourites. I have seen Nick Cave in many guises and liked his music since about 1980. It was really great. My friend and I got dressed up (it was the Opera House)and had some bubbles. 

I also saw my niece to whom I gave an old sewing machine that I found left on the street. It is a Janome computer model about 25 years old but it wouldn't work properly. She took it to a repairer who told her id would be expensive to fix ($190) but that she could use it for another 100 years as all the parts are metal inside and if she bought a new machine today for $200 it would be mostly plastic parts for the manufactured obsolescence that most manufacturers use nowadays. She got it fixed (I gave her the money after - not a great gift if she has to pay for it!) So she's happy,

Even after an hour delay leaving Sydney and having to circle the Gold Coast for 30 mins before landing on the return journey could dampen my excitement when I had great news. I received a surprise gift from CarmentcitaB in the mail. She emailed me when I made a comment on her blog and said she was going send me something. More on that in another post. In more blogging news, Suzy Bee put out the word that she was coming to Brisbane and would anyone like to meet up. Would I?? This will be the first time I have met up with any bloggers. Then Judy emailed to say she will be around too ... so we are meeting up for a coffee and then SusyBee and I will go to a couple of fabric shops - not to buy on my part! I really wanted to go to Metro Fabrics in Sydney for some bra making stuff but I did not have the time really so that will have to wait. 


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