Monday, March 25, 2013

What's in a name?

Hmmm.. what's in a name? Has anyone else noticed that the BIG 4 (or 5 or 6) give their patterns numbers but every other pattern company (the one's I know of at least) give their patterns names.Is it like the birthing of a child - I like it as it seems more personal. What do you think? Had you noticed too?  


  1. I think it's probably easier to give patterns names when you only have a limited number of them. All the big pattern companies release so many patterns that it would probably be a bit unwieldy to name them all. It's funny how the names of patterns (Colette's Clovers etc) have become so familiar that when someone talks about it you instantly know what they're talking about. I don't think I can even remember the pattern numbers of patterns that I use regularly. Maybe giving them names is a good marketing strategy because it's much easier to remember.

    1. Yes I do believe the marketing strategy theory (as that is also what I am studying at uni). They become like friends.. that's the ploy anyway.

  2. I like that the smaller independent pattern companies give their patterns a name - like you say, it feels more personal rather than just being another pattern produced.

  3. I like the names for patterns too, but do wonder how some of these companies will keep it up - there are a lot of Colette patterns now! It is clever marketing. I am pretty sure I am making Rooibos because of the name..... I just looked at the envelope and it has a number as well, 1006, but I hadn't noticed that number being used in any reviews.

  4. If the Big 4 had to name all their patterns it would be similar to paint names - how many ways can you describe 'white' - how many ways can you describe the same looking patterns??? I guess to the Big 4 it is all just a numbers game ...
    Hope you are enjoying the holidays, and Uni week off - at least the weather is playing a little fairer for us this time around. I am busy catching up, as always, on the garden, sewing and my blog reading ... J


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