Friday, June 28, 2013

Silk and which sleeve?

So I've made up another t-shirt from McCalls 5087 again today. The colours are a bit brighter like the top photo. I didn't have enough fabric to make the long sleeves so I thought I'd add a piece but then I didn't like the proportions so I thought about a cuff... it is pinned in the photo above and I haven't hemmed it or put binding on yet. You can't see the side seams because they are so well matched!! Ha ha yeah me! Even on the sleeves it's mostly perfect. 

I think I like the length of the cuffed sleeve best - much better proportion. I bought this at the second hand shop for about $3 and it is lovely medium weight soft, soft cotton. The colours are solid but what looks grey is a very fine blue or black and white stripe. I think I may but it a bit shorter too. I have a remnant piece of navy ponte knit so I might make an elastic waist skirt to go with it. 

Oh if you are in Brisbane, you must go to Trad's at Save City at Cannon Hill. It is one of those old style emporium shops that has everything including fabrics, elastics, thread, notions, basic but close and oh so cheap. (Lots of other stuff too... take your hubby... they have tools, curtaining, men's workwear.. the perfect shop!) Today I went and was surprised to find  a heap of Daniel Lightfoot fabrics. I couldn't resist a beautiful mint silk satin, and a beautiful hot pink silk satin  for $7.50 per metre! Read it and weep! The fold over elastic (only in white) is .80cents p.m. and undies elastic is .30cent p.m. They have a new range of thread (Madame Tricot Paris, anyone heard of it?) in cotton or polyester for $1.50 and also some machine embroidery cotton also for $1.50. You're welcome! Edit: A well known fabric shop in Sydney and Melbourne has silk satin for $48 per metre... now I know I got a bargain and will get some more me thinks!


  1. Personally prefer the cuffed sleeve as well! I think you will get a lot more wear out of it. The colours are really you, and I can see you wearing this a heap.
    So, tomorrow I am going to check out Trad's. This will beat market shopping any Sunday!
    Hope you are enjoying the Uni break, relaxing with that gorgeous boy of yours, and beating this chilly rainy weather...J

  2. Ooo thanks for the local knowledge! I will have to keep that in mind however I am on a bit of a self imposed fabric shop ban - unless I am shopping for a specific/absolutely required thing. Lovely stripe matching on the T! I like the grey the colourful stripes. I will second your notion of a Bris sewing bloggers meet! Saw that you mentioned it somewhere, sometime on your blog.

    1. Yes Rosi after seeing the Sydney meet up, I think we need to get our tropical act together... after I catch up with my jobs left due to study, I'm going to organise one. Ooh exciting!


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