Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Style Arc Alisha dress finished

The dress is finished and I wore it to the wedding on Saturday. I started Thursday. There was a few hiccups but not unmanageable. I made the slip but in the end I made a full lining. This is my first fully lined dress and I had to work out the best way. I did this because the pattern calls for the lace to be a scalloped edge and I couldn't work out a nice finish to just make the lace dress so I decided it would be best for a full lining.
Close up of fabric

I ended up bagging out the top and if you notice, I attempted to give it some turn of cloth so the lining wouldn't show at all. It wasn't a well thought out plan as I added a couple of millimetres all around but I don't think that is the ideal but it worked out ok. Then I had to work out how to make the dress part so I just made a lining and attached the skirt part (lining and dress) to the bagged out top and then to finish made a nice bias strip and finished it like this. I put a hook and eye on the back but I left out the zip as it slips on easily. I ended up adding a bout 3 cm each side for extra comfort and although it isn't perfect on, it is pretty good and is very comfortable to wear. 

One of the issued I had was the lining - I had made the slip out of the most perfectly matched heavy satin I just happened to have in the stash, but now I had no use for the slip with the dress and no lining fabric. I went to Trad's Emporium at Cannon Hill and they had a perfectly matching high quality lining fabric for $3.50 per metre. I must go and get more. As you can see it is a Daniel Lightfoot. He's a fantastic Brisbane designer and Trad's has has some of his unused fabrics. I bought some beautiful silks for $8 many months ago from the same stock. He now makes a lot of uniforms I think.  I kept the lighter side to be the side that the dress would back against as it was the side that the writing was less obvious (it isn't very obvious at all), and the darker side as the inside of the dress. I must stay a full lining makes it look very professional!

I finished the hem of the lining with a rolled hem on the overlocker and I just left the sequinned fabric unfinished. I can't do it with the overlocker and I don't really know if it needs a hem. The fabric part tends to catch a bit so I may just run a flame around it to 'finish' it but it could all go up in flames so maybe I won't! Of course, although I had my camera with me, I did not remember to take a photo of me wearing the dress (shame as hair and make up was done too and that doesn't happen often enough!). I'll try and get dressed up again soon.

While making this dress I also made a dress, the Vogue 1250 DKNY cowl dress, for my friend's birthday. She lives and works on a luxury private boat and I had some fabric I wouldn't wear but was PERFECT for her. I'm waiting for a photo and I'll post it but it looks great on.

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