Monday, July 21, 2014

Mandy Boat Tee

Before I get to the Mandy Boat tee, this is how much thread was left when I finished my Burda top hemming with the twin needle (which I just realised I haven't photographed... tomorrow).

I put all my used thread spools in this little basket and it builds up very quickly surprisingly. I have another one with spools that have maybe 30 - 60 cm each which I keep for any hand sewing I might do - you know buttons etc.

 I decided to make the Mandy Boat tee from Tessuti. I must be the last person on the sewing planet to make this. It is also my first PDF pattern... not my first download as I have downloaded many free patterns but never felt the need to actually make one till now. Laziness is the main factor but now that I have done it I think, if there aren't too many tiles it is now an option for me.

This is a remnant from the designer fabric sale last year. When I was sewing the neckline with the twin needle and I was too lazy too lazy to use the steam a seam so I put some tissue paper underneath to stop the fabric stretching. This is very stretchy and the first run was a bit stretched out. This helped but wasn't perfect.

I just tore it off the back gently so not to stretch the thread. 

It worked out well. On the hem (which I haven't got a photo of.. sorry) I did use the steam a seam but the hem curled up still and I'm hoping it will calm down after a wash. I did steam it with the iron and that helped but it isn't perfect. All in all, it's a very easy pattern to make up and wear. I love the sleeves but I think it is too wide for me. If I make it again I will take out a couple of cms from the centre of front and back to bring it in a bit. I think it's worth another go.

Lastly, remember this fleece jumper I made and the oil splashed on it and melted dots into it? Well I fixed it. I found a rhinestone press in the 2nd hand shop for $3 a few months ago and while there were some rhinestones left, I used these steel studs that are quite plain and pressed over the burn dots. I love it. It really lifts the jumper and I love the randomness and asymmetry of it. I also love the collar  (and the colour) of this jumper. I've worn this a lot. What do you think?


  1. So, will we get a picture of the new Mandy Boat tee?

    Love the silver studs! A great save for the jumper. It's so effective because of the seeming randomness, I think. (I love the colour and collar of it too :-)

    1. Thanks. Yes I'll try and take a photo today of the Mandy Boat Tee. I've got the Burda one to photograph too but there's a little funky thing on one of the sleeves I have to fix.

  2. I haven't made the Mandy T yet either! Although I have spent a bit of time checking it out - along with all the other Tessuti goodies. That last jumper looks perfect for these cold days. Very snuggly and warm.

  3. I also vote for a picture! The fabric looks intriguing. I love it when you have just the right amount of thread but I think it has only happened once in 30 years of sewing! Still in that time I have somehow managed to keep my thread stash to just one small bag.


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