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Question - re jeans waistbands

No I haven't made jeans yet but am planning some. I have some new CK ones I bought at the second hand shop and they are a pretty good fit, and perfect fit for the budget which was $10! They are the only 'nice' pair that I have i.e. decent to wear out so I need more pants/jeans for sure.

I know that many people mix patterns and put the curved waistbands from other patterns to straight waistband pants patterns. My question is, do you do anything else to the pants to make the curved waistband fit the straight edge pants?

I hope to make Simplicity 1918. It has a curved waistband but I was thinking if I made some jeans (I have a Vogue jeans pattern I want to use) but I'm not sure if it has a curved or straight waistband, so I'd like to use this one as it was a good fit.

I'm planning to use some red cotton drill fabric I got from the designer fabric sale about 20 years ago. It is lovely and soft, no stretch and was $4 for the piece.  Below is the curved waistband from the print muslin pants I made a while ago.

I made the size 14 and they were a pretty good fit but possibly a little loose - this was a stretch cotton which is lighter than the drill I'm planning to use, but again the red one does not have any stretch. I also have some stretch denim I bought at Lincraft a year or so ago (not sure what weight but it isn't a very heavy one).

So if anyone has any hints and tips when frankenpatterning pants patterns please pass it on. Any help gratefully received!


SewTypical said…
I frankenpatterned a curved waistband onto a straight waistband pattern of jeans. I copied the curve on the top of the front and back of the curved waistband jeans onto the pattern of the straight waistband jeans. It took a little fiddling, keeping the grain in mind.

They were only my first pair of self-sewed, "actually wearable" jeans, so they didn't turn out perfect, but it did work. Hope that made sense! :-)
Vanessa said…
THANK YOU FOR THIS POST!! I am working on a pair of jeans now that have a straight waistband, but I want a curved one, and I also own this Simplicity pattern. I think it is totally do-able to merge the two, I hear about it all the time. I am taking a Craftsy class on Designer jeans, and the teacher, Angela Wolf, does suggest stabilizing the curved waistband with twill tape, leaving a 1" gap on either side, to avoid bulk. Other than that, best wishes, and thanks again for helping me in the process!!
Summer Flies said…
My pleasure! Thanks for the tip about the twill tape (which reminds me I need more). I'm presuming it is on the waistband seam line that attaches to the pants?
Summer Flies said…
Thanks for this. I was sure you would have to adjust the pants side too. I had a look but I don't think the jeans are on your blog yet.
SewTypical said…
hi - I actually sewed those jeans over a year ago before I had a blog. I'll probably give it another shot in the fall, once the weather cools down, then I can maybe do a post about it. Being pear-shaped, the rounded waistband is the only way to go for me. The straight waistbands result in so much gap-o-sis!
SewTypical said…
hope you both post about the rounded waistband modification if you get a chance...
Summer Flies said…
Hi back. Yes after wearing that pants muslin a bit the curved waistband just fits and the pattern hugs around my hips so I don't get that falling down when the side seams are straight. I'll try and post about it. I'm not known for my in progress reports though!

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