Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Quick double satisfaction

I made a quick project on Saturday night for my visiting friend's daughter. She is three but VERY tall (nearly as tall as her 61/2 year old brother). She's a beautiful girl in nature and appearance. I had bought this remnant piece from Spotlight a few weeks ago thinking it would come in handy. It was also conveniently on the floor as per the last post (I was trying to see how I could incorporate it into my fleece as a pocket or feature but rightly decided it would be too twee so didn't).

I didn't have enough width for  a real fleece shape so went with this bolero jacket on this thrift shop score. I lengthened the front and back pieces by about 3 cm (all that I could with the width) and made the size 8 - remember I said she was tall.. I wasn't kidding. I lengthened the sleeves straight down following the lines from the sleeve seams but I should have widened them a little - they are a bit snug at the ends and a little long but with a smidge extra width and length it may just fit her next year too. I used a ribbon to tie the front together. I turned over the neckline and zigzagged it just for neatness but didn't finish the edges on the sleeves or hem. I've covered it up in the photos but I folded my label in half and put it in the seam line too. Annika loves it and her Mum was thrilled. Sewing kids things are so gratifying, quick, cheap and fun aren't they.


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