Thursday, November 8, 2018

UFO finished - New Look 6315

So another UFO finished. I made the cardigan. At first look, it's very similar to most waterfall cardigans (I've made 2 different Kwik Sew ones) but this one differs because it has a band  around the waterfall and hem. I cut this out 18 months ago and even though I really wanted to make it, it frightened me for some reason. It was that band and I'd read a review on Pattern Review and the person said it wasn't a good pattern and she wouldn't recommend it. Anyway, I loved the colour and fabric and thought get it done and donate it.

Plus I made a mistake cutting it out... at the collar part I cut into a smaller size, realised and stopped but then I had this slash. So I zig zagged a little  grosgrain ribbon on it and put a little fray check and the result is not invisible but I don't notice it at all. In fact I had forgotten all about it until I saw the photos again.

The fabric is some linen knit I bought at Darn Cheap Fabric $2 per metre table. Such a bargain and it is amazing fabric. It is a fabulous colour and the slightly brighter blue you see is little sparkly specks.

Sorry, really bad photos again. I wore it today and meant to take a photo of it with a nice white cotton top under it and some cargo pants. It looked much better that over this dress.  The fabric has a nice weight but the band really adds to this and really finishes it off very nicely - it rolls over to the front which I like. Considering this was the part I was avoiding and even considered leaving it off, it's my favourite  part. It really finishes it off very professionally.

Back view...with a dress it's very unbalanced but with pants it looks so nice. The one thing I have to fix is the length of the sleeves. I have to cut off about 8 cm. Shame as the coverstitching finish was perfect. I even washed it in hot water as I thought it would shrink for sure so I didn't cut it before then, but nope, it's kept it's size which is a good thing. I love this cardigan. It's perfect for air conditioned office or movies etc. I thought I took a video of how I slip some little ribbons through the slot in the foot of the overlocker to give the shoulders stability, but I can't find it. I cut the hanger ribbons off everything but keep them as it's useful for this job.

So I recommend this pattern - I'm so glad I bit the bullet and made it up. It was a pretty quick sew up too. I love the fabric too... one of my favourite things I've made. (and practical for a change!)

So I have loads still to show you. Thanks for all your comments... apparently I can't even reply to your comments on my own blog! So till next time.


  1. Kudos on finishing so many UFO's. You are making me feel guilty about all of mine. Nice cardi. The band is definitely more sewing, but definitely easier, IMHO than turning up a hem on that long curved edge.

  2. The waterfall feature of the cardigan looks really nice on you! I am glad you got a UFO finished--that is always gratifying!

  3. It's really cute and I love the back fit especially. Very pretty color too.

  4. ooh nice waterfall. I have a half finished jacket and lining to put together - but weather isn't really making me want to do it!!

  5. oh wow! Looks really great. And that colour! perfect for you. I'm envious of you finding any linen knit, ever. But one that looks so good on you? Mmmm!

    I'm impressed you're finishing these UFOs. can you send me some of your ufomojo? I have to make, well, a cardi, in a similar colour to that, but merino from The Fabric Store for my upcoming trip to Tassie.

    Actually just remind me how crazy the weather can be there, how cold it can get even over summer and that ought to fix my missing ufomojo, right?


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