Sunday, January 13, 2013

Flat out...

Like the old saying goes.. "flat out like a lizard drinking". Well I'm not drinking.. anything but water and fruit teas cooled, but it is so hot here that it is hard to sit and sew or do anything really. I've been to my sister's place a few times this week.. she has a pool. I have had my week with my son so we've been doing catch ups, shopping and a 9 year old's party at Kingston Park Raceway. Normally it is for go karts but due to the age of the boys, they were 'racing' on dodgem looking go karts. 

This week, my son is at his Dad's and I will finish washing down and then painting the kitchen. We then have one week left of school holidays and I'd like to go away for a few days. Then when school has started I hope I have the energy to also paint and organise my sewing/study. I'd like this all done before my last semester at uni. I work so much better when the space is organised and fresh - not two words I'd use when describing my kitchen and sewing room.

I wore this (above)dress out the other day to Spotlight and the Sewco quilting fabric shop, and one of the women commented ver positively about it. I was chuffed as it isn't really great fabric, I just made it up to see what the vintage pattern looked like.. it is very cool to wear though. The skirt in the last post is still unfinished as I only got the gross grain ribbon during the week. As I said earlier, it is so hot here and so very draining, but I do love the summer!

On another note, does anyone have any idea where to get Elingeria, Danglez or Merckwaerdigh bra patterns in Australia?? I went through to the check out of the Elingeria site but the postage was 33 euros...that was about double what the pattern is and I can't justify it at this stage. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  1. This weather is weird. Ours just dropped 20 degress in a couple of days but is building up again for the end of the week. As you say, very draining. Hope it cools down for your painting, not a great job in the heat.

    1. Oh my friend who lives in Adelaide is here now but she told me the same... bet she's glad she's here now, NOT! Hope I get it done too! Thanks!

  2. Seems very strange to think that anyone can be hot somewhere while we in Canada are smack in the middle of winter!! The temps are quite moderate though.
    I really like this dress.. The print is very pretty.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I came by to visit yours, and I found the dress you made from the Simplicity 80s pattern. It is sooo nice!! I am working on organizing my sewing space (closet) right now too! I hope you are coming up with great ideas for yours!

  4. That's a really pretty dress. I would have commented to you as well.
    I've only see the Merckwaerdigh pattern on Etsy.


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