Thursday, January 3, 2013

Forgotten pieces.

This dress I made last summer from an old pattern that my friend has at the moment. I'd forgotten about it until the other day. She dropped it off and I remembered it needs to be taken in under the arms as it is too wide as usual. It was a very fast make and made with some fabric I liked enough to buy as a remnant but not enough to make something truly serious. I do love this dress because it is cool looks different and is interesting. The white collar has ties and wraps around your waist.

This Lisette skirt and shirt pattern I cut out last summer also and made the skirt up on Saturday but had no grosgrain ribbon to finish it. I completely forgot to get some at Spotlight the other day in the excitement of getting red sparkles! It is linen I bought at the fabric sale I go to about 15 years ago (have I written this before? - I've got a bit of deja vu). The paisley I got at a Sewing Guild meeting where they brought fabric they didn't want (including the silk floral I spoke of for the Burda jumpsuit a few posts ago - you know the clown look one) and it was just this small panel. I didn't have enough of the linen to make anything and I thought they went well together - the paisley lifts the slightly nanna-ishness of the lilac in my opinion. I made a 14 and this is the first pattern that has just fit me straight out of the pack and I know it's a simple draft but it went together beautifully. You can just see the tab placed on the LHS of the skirt for show but I have three others made of course and I will finish this tomorrow. 

This is the fabric that the little shirt is cut out from  - it's a bit more green than this and I think a poly cotton that was also a remnant. Both are sort of wearable muslins and I hope the top is  as easy and  well drafted as the skirt. I think a nice easy pattern would be nice to have - one that just fits! I have more on the drawing board but think the painting needs some attention in the next few days.

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  1. What a treasure trove of goodies you found. Love the unusual collar on the dress.


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