Saturday, January 19, 2013

Introducing Em.

I wanted to name this post "Hi, my name is Sofie and I'm a sewing machine addict." but I thought it was a bit long; but seemingly not untrue!

Won't have time to play but will let you know when I do! Oh, it's missing a throat plate but not bad for $5!

Oh, and the reason she's called Em? Well her serial number starts with this and Em is a machine of 1957!


  1. Very pleased to meet you Em! You just can't beat some of these older machines. I have a Singer Featherweight and, truly, the minute I sit down to sew on her, I have such a feeling of peace and contentment. No fancy buttons, just hums along with the best straight stitch ever. Have fun when you can find the time and keep us posted.

    1. Wow, I'd love a Featherweight but I don't want to pay big money for it! Also I think I want one because people speak highly about them - not because I know that much about them! Still they are a coveted machine. I don't have room for any more!

  2. Wow. $5. That's a great deal. I still love sewing on my Singer 401A from 1962. I love my modern Bernina too. But I take my Singer to quilt group because the Bernina is too heavy to lug around. You can't beat the well made older machines.

  3. I love that old Singer - my Mum bought me one of those when I was about ten so it has special meaning to me - I even had an old black and gold machine represented in my "studio"


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