Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kitchen of the Med!

That's a funny title! My girlfriend likened the colour of my kitchen to the colour of the Mediterranean sea and the Greek flag. I am Greek so it's kind of fits! The kitchen isn't finished yet - the windows need a final coat of gloss, I intend to buy a few wall cupboards and hopefully a rangehood and cupboard plus I have a roller door cupboard that is awaiting help to bring it upstairs. However, it has been the most atrocious weather since finishing the painting last Sunday (and my son was home)and the paint wouldn't dry and besides we have been busy with the last days of school holidays. Sun comes out on Tuesday apparently, just in time for school. So here is where I am up to:



What do you think? The cupboards won't stay that colour but will go a stainless colour. I do love my 50's kitchen and I think with some wall cupboards it will be much better with more storage space - the cupboards nowadays are 600mm wide but when this house was built, the cupboards are 450mm wide (or narrow, should I say). There is my new red kettle and toaster too ... the old ones still worked but I hated the toaster and the kettle was ok still but ... anyway these were only $19 bucks each at Kmart! Bargain.. and it matches my cast iron cooking pot (also from Kmart years ago).  And what did we have for dinner out of that pot???

Mushroom and puy lentil soup or "whatever we have" soup!

It was pretty good and so easy.. slice and cook mushrooms in some olive oil with garlic, add washed puy lentils and vege stock; cook until soft then puree (as much as you can anyway). Not bad! What do you think of my kitchen and soup?


  1. Lovely colour. I like blue in a kitchen.

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  3. I think this was a spam comment.. had only one of those before - hmmm


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