Friday, January 25, 2013

Vogue Pattern Sale US$4.99.

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I buy lots of my patterns at in the U.S. Currently they have Vogue at US$4.99, Kwik Sew US$5.99, Simplicity at US$4.99 and you can also get Lekala Patterns here too. The postage can be expensive (exorbitant more like it) but when you break it down per pattern for us suckers in Australia, it still works out very cheap (especially when you consider how much some Vogues go for). 

I don't get anything from them I've just used them and passing on the sale. I have had one pattern from two different orders come incorrectly, but an email is all that is required to get it fixed and usually they don't ask for the wrong one to be sent. One I had on backorder (it showed available and then then didn't have it) and they sent it F.O.C (free of charge) when it did come.

Pretty good service overall. They have these sales all the time for all the major pattern companies and they have lots of independent pattern companies also; they even have downloadable if you can't wait - for some reason these tend to be more expensive???

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  1. Even with the postage to Aus it still generaly works out better than buying them here! I got some over Christmas for $2-4 each. I think I ordered 7 patterns in one go (the max for one of the postage bands) and altogether it came to less than $30.
    No complaints here!


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