Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013.

I hope your introduction to 2013 was safe and happy. I had a wonderful night with one of my younger sisters and my girlfriend neighbour.  

Firstly we had a small bubbly, goat's cheese and crackers at my neighbour's home. We caught the ferry, went to a nice bar in town just by the City Cat Ferry that leaves from near our homes. We met some lovely people had some bubbly, got a taxi when we needed one and made it home at 3.30am!

We made some new friends who were lovely gentlemen and good fun for the evening. 

I was thrilled that I got many unsolicited comments re my dress. Many young girls old me they loved it and were disbelieving that I made it. I saw a girl with a gold sparkly mini and I told her I thought it was lovely and she said "oh I really like your dress!"
A great start for 2013.

I don't make resolutions or plans for my life generally (fail to plan, plan to fail?) and as I have my last semester of uni coming and needing to prepare for a trial I am self litigating, this year isn't the one to start. However, if I get the chance I'd like to get (and sew) some Sewaholic patterns (if anyone wants to sell some  for reasonable price let me know). I'd also like to try a Lekala pattern too. Other than that I'd like to get some 7's for uni (that equates to High Distinction) to try and graduate with distinction. Of course it goes without saying that I'd hope my family and I are all healthy and safe for 2013 and I wish the same for you and yours.


  1. Happy New Year to you too. The comments you received for your dress were very well-deserved. Your dress looks great.

  2. Your dress is indeed gorgeous and that sounds like a very fun night.


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