Monday, June 24, 2013


I had my final exam this afternoon, so now I guess officially I am unemployed as opposed to being a student. I think I shall miss the young people and the camaraderie I enjoyed with them the most. Of course learning never stops. 

I'd like to say a few things about studying at my age. Firstly, I don't feel my age.. but I guess none of us do. It has been a wonderful experience. When I started I had NO idea about  programmes like Powerpoint, Excel (still don't really), how to format in word etc but they young people didn't laugh or criticise or make derogatory comments; no they helped me and I couldn't have gone on without their encouragement and support. None of the young people questioned me being there; I was as old or older probably than their parents so it was very encouraging. I supported and helped them but they never let me down and that gives me great hope. I am grateful for being able to go to university at my age and to get an insight into something I didn't do when I was young and this helps me to know what it's all about when my son may choose to go in the future (he wants to be a robotics engineer at this stage). 

I would like to encourage anybody who dreams of getting a qualification or wants a change and a challenge and a great experience, no matter their age, to take the plunge and go follow your dreams. I have gained so much more than just the academic learnings. If I can do it anyone'll never know if you don't have a go.

Sorry I don't even have a photo I can put in here.... I have appointments this week but I do have time in between and my son is at his Dad's place so I hope to get sewing a wearable (hopefully) muslin of a dress for my graduation. I have some sparkly lace or a guipure lace that was my mother's. Either way I need a dress for my graduation ceremony for the 24 July. I have a couple of patterns I may test. Either way I have nothing to wear for anything so I better get onto sewing anything.

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  1. CONGRATS!!! I totally agree with you. I graduated last May at the age of 43, having had a 20-year break between the last time I was in college. It was hard but I got it done which for a while there I didn't think was possible. I still haven't used it to get myself a better paying job (my goal) but I at least know that if I put my mind to it I can get something done. Good luck!


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