Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Justifying the stash - sew happy!

My niece is back from travelling in the U.S. She's still working for Empire (show my niece stage manages - go to the end of the post for the video) and their show finished in Melbourne in May and starts in Tokyo in a few days. She had time for a long trip through the U.S. and so she did. She had to come back to get her Japanese visa so I had the offer of her bringing me sewing stuff (as baggage allowance is 2 x 32kg - ex travel agent knowledge) and she wasn't going to fill it. I looked for some polartec and bra making stuff (should have got that but delayed too long) and then just decided it wasn't worth it as I don't have room and don't desperately need anything. Anyway, she asked me to make her a yoga mat carry bag and she popped round today. With stash fabric I whipped up a yoga bag just measuring the length and circumference of the rolled up mat. I put elastic on the top as I find drawstrings annoying and it wasn't going to fall out. She was very specific about the strap to be long enough (she's tall than me, maybe 168cm, 170cm?) and also wide enough. I also put a label on with a background using some nice laminated fabric (as there was a little nick in the fabric).

I can't remember who mentioned the shower cap first now but turns out we both hate those flimsy caps found in hotels and both wanted one... I had been thinking of making one for weeks as the last flimsy shower cap I had (with holes and tears) was just hanging on (just) so we measured out and cut a bit bigger (as the others don't fit if you have long hair with a clip) and I made a casing and put the elastic in... perfect. (The first one I just stretched out the elastic and triple zig zag stitched it but that didn't work so well and the second I had to gather slightly to turn the casing over to fit). Unfortunately not photo of the cap...

I love having my stash so I can just whip things up when necessary. I was planning on making more undies and some Burda 7742 tops but I guess that can be tomorrow. Can you fill these impromptu requests with your stash too?

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  1. Wow - lots of selfless sewing going on at your house! I reckon about 75% of my stash is inherited from Mum, Nana, aunties and random people. Some is stuff I've bought and never made up or bought and intend to make up soon. But I don't feel guilty about it. I probably could do impromptu sewing from the stash if required.


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